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RW Adams

A long time ago in a galaxy just next to the public toilets, RW was spawned from an old copy of Weird magazine. A lover of all things comic book, RW has since grown into a fully formed geek who, somehow, still manages to be quite handy with a screwdriver. Although occasionally tempted to the dark side of reading books with no pictures, RW's love for his beloved comic medium has remained strong and one day he hopes to have Geoff John's babies. He dwells high atop a mountain in the nether regions of Australia and once picked a fight with a kangaroo (they are now firm friends and spoon regularly). RW can currently be found working on his novel, The Last Dragon, has recently started posting chapters of his other novel, Blackmaw on Wattpad ( and regularly spewing words out in an odd and slightly askew fashion over on his website
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