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Star Wars Rebels Says Farewell to a Beloved Character **Spoilers**

Star Wars Rebels Says Farewell to a Beloved Character **Spoilers**

A life is made up of a series of moments. Some are defining while others are mundane. All converge to make us who we are. To some, he was a villain. To others, an old fool. However, no one can deny his impact on many worlds.

Maul, formerly known as Darth Maul, was cut down in his prime, again. He was born on Dathomir and traveled the galaxy before falling victim to his thirst for vengeance on Tatooine on Saturday. His life from early childhood was driven by vengeance, and only in death did he find his peace knowing that “he (The Chosen One) will avenge us.” With his final breath, he uttered these words before succumbing to his wounds.

Maul was quickly offered a position with the Sith after making an early impression. The Sith had outstanding advancement opportunities and travel benefits. However, his promising apprenticeship was cut short, which caused him to fall out of sight for many years.

Maul is preceded by his Mother Talzin and two brothers, Feral and Savage Opress that were all struck down by a lightsaber at different times. He is survived by his apprentice, Ezra Bridger, and a pair of cybernetic legs that are currently lost without him.

Services were held by a one Master Obi-Wan Kenobi shortly after his departure from this world.

His tenacity for life and sheer force of will allowed him to continue where many would fail. He will be missed by almost no one but will live on in our memories.

Donations can be made in his honor to the “Galactic Lightsaber Wound Unit.”

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