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The Technodrome Tales Episode #2: Enter the Shredder

The Technodrome Tales Episode #2: Enter the Shredder

In this episode we discuss the upcoming Summer 2017 TMNT/Usagi Yojimbo TMNT comic crossover before getting into our discussion on episode 2: Enter the Shredder which originally aired on December 29th 1987, and featured the debut of Beebop and Rocksteady.

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About the Author

Brad Bell
I grew up in North Carolina, where my love for the Spiderman and Batman the Animated Series on Fox Kids fueled my journey of Geekdom. In January 2013 I started my own site: and for over two years hosted my own podcast the Confirmed Epic Podcast. Since 2016 the podcast continues on the gww radio network. As of early 2015 I joined the geeks with wives crew for a greater opportunity to work with similar people who let the passion for the properties they love drive them, and a chance to interact with a world wide fan base of fellow geeks. In March of 2017 I proudly brought The Technodrome Tales a 1987 TMNT re-watch podcast to the GWW Radio Network in order to revisit my first geek love. I am a happily Married Geek, as of November 2014 to my Wife Abby who only shares my geek passions when it comes to Superman, Wonder Woman,the flash, and Captain America. We live just outside of Charlotte, NC with our three dogs: a Golden Doodle: Sadie, our Jackabee: Penney, and our Beagle: Cookie. When I’m not covering or taking part in geek Culture as the Reel Brad Bell my secret Identity is Mr. Bell a High School U.S History Teacher and AP Gov. Teacher. My Wife is an ICU/PICC Nurse. The only thing that comes close for my love of Superhero’s and Star Wars is my love for the Carolina Panthers! #KeepPounding Much to my Wife’s chagrin I am a self proclaimed poster addict and add a couple of Mondo Posters to my collection a year. My current favorite piece prints are my Tyler Stout: Iron Man 2, Captain America First Avengers, Avengers, and Age of Ultron. Our as I call them the wall of Stout! As far as my geek Cred, I have met both Stan Lee and George RR Martin so Nuff Said! My geek love is mainly focused on Comics, TV, and Film although I do own an PS4 (PSN: thereelbradbell). My favorite comic right now is Jason Latour’s Spider Gwen. In my opinon the best show going is House of Cards on Netflix, FU 2016! My favorite movie of all time is The Dark Knight, and my love for the genius that is Christopher Nolan is unprecedented. My top 5 Favorite Geek Properties of all-time are: Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, TMNT, and Power Rangers it’s been this way for as long as I can remember and is till the same in adulthood. Twitter: thereelbradbell Instagram: thereelbradbell PSN: thereelbradbell Email:

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