365 Flicks Podcast #105: News, Top5 TV Villians, Maze Runner – Speed – Pacific Rim 2 – Lost In Space (Netflix) Santa Clarita Diet

Apr 22, 2018

the guys finally return with there regular schmegular episode and they have a whole host of awesome Movie, Tv and Comic News and reviews. The show is kicked off with Kev updating the listeners on some of the projects that our guests have on the go including

  • Dom and Matt’s Winter Ridge Premiere
  • Coz and his release of Dark Beacon on Digi Download
  • Tom Paton’s DVD release of Redwood and test screening of Black Site at SFW
  • Kevs buddy Matthew Taylor has two movies that he produced called Transition and Train Set on Digi Download
  • Nathan Von Minden is wrapped and editing Angry Men
  • Paul Knight is editing 24 Little Hours
  • Andrea and Roberto are going to the Publisher with Shepard Vol2
  • Daniel Farrand is releasing The Untold #2 shortly

Then we jump into the news including Spielberg wants to make a DC movie, Vin Diesel has bought the rights to XXX franchise and Walking Dead is tanking.

This weeks Just the Pilot is Netflix original Lost in Space, Is it worth your time we let you know.

Its Review time in What have we been watching including movies like Maze Runner Trilogy, Den of Thieves, Jungle, The People Vs OJ and Santa Clarita Diet and MORE MORE MORE…

We revisit the classic movie that is Speed and see how much love we still have for this movie… Then we bring back the popular as hell 0%rs for the next episode.

Rounding out the show is the famous Top5 section and this time its Top5 TV Villians.


INTRO and Banter and Pimpage                   00.00 - 15.00

News                                                         15.00 - 33.00

Just the Pilot Lost in Space (Netflix)             33.00 - 42.55

What Have We Been Watching                     42.55 - 1.34.00

Speed Revisited                                          1.34.00 - 2.05.15

Top5 Tv Villians                                           2.05.15 - 2.52.50


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