Final Thoughts – Blackwidow v3 Pro Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Feb 22, 2021



Hey friends, Joe here at Geeks Worldwide and today, I’m going to walk you through the Razer Black Widow V3 Pro Wireless mechanical gaming keyboard. This keyboard is, it’s quite awesome. It’s $230. It’s geared towards people who are really serious about their keyboards, serious about gaming, and they want something that is super high level like. 


But when you dig into some of the details, it’s hard to distinguish. 

Often you know precisely what makes this stand out from other keyboards. 

I think the easiest thing to say is, you know, does it feel good or not to use, and it absolutely does. 

This keyboard has a really good weight to it, like it feels like it’s. 

Worth $230. It’s hefty. It’s well made with magnesium and some plastics. The keys themselves have a great feel to them, so just listen to this. 

Right, it doesn’t do it justice. 

Get to a Best Buy or something and press these keys to really get a good feel. 

It doesn’t take a lot of pressure to get the keys to aktu 8 and then once they do they just spring right back up and to me that’s fantastic. 

I don’t want to put too much effort when I type when I’m actually doing work and then when it comes to gaming you know I wanted to have that really that ease of. 


So these are using razors, green keys, green mechanical keys. 

And yeah I don’t know a whole lot about what distinguishes green from red from orange from all the other colors. 

And so if you’re here for that, I do apologize, but yeah, that’s not what I can do for you. 

What I’m going to do for you is tell you just kind of like the specifications where it was like to live with the darn thing, and then you know of course. 

Was it good or not to use and you really got the answer? 

It feels really good, so couple of things to call out right away. 

The battery life is not stellar. 

Before what you’re getting right, a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard that is. 

Very premium. 

Day and a half to two days. 

It seems it seems acceptable, so the workflow kind of goes like this. 

You charge it overnight, you unplug it so you have that nice wireless feel, and then you use it for a day and a half to two days. 

And then you’re juiced out. 

So what I’ve been doing is plugging in at night over USB C and then by morning. 

It’s good to go, so make sure that we’re at the USB that you plug it into on the other end on the power side that it’s an always on USB. 

Or maybe you’re going to use like a power power bank or something. 

Whatever you do use, just make sure that it does actually charge overnight, otherwise you’re going to be frustrated like you’re going to have a plug in keyboard when you want a wireless keyboard. 

As far as the wireless goes, you can connect it over Bluetooth, or 2.4 gigahertz wireless using the dongle that’s included. That works great. I had it on Bluetooth for the first, like basically half of the time that I had this, which was a month and a half. So about 3-4 weeks I had it plugged in over Bluetooth plugged in, added connected over Bluetooth and I had it connected over 2.4 GHz wireless. 

An in both cases I saw about a day and a half to two days of battery life, so I didn’t see one supersede the other in terms of performance. 

The wrist rest that comes with it is definitely comfortable. 

I can’t speak to long term use because you know, I just you know what’s long term with with a wrist rest like a year. 

We’re not there yet. 

This hasn’t been out a year. 

It feels great. 

It’s a leatherette. 

It has a nice low Razer logo on it and what I do is I kind of pull it back so that my wrists. 

Sit on top of it versus my poms. 

And this is not magnetic like the one that you get with the ornata keyboard from Razer. 

Just you can set it down here and you just hear it snap it’s. 

That’s a really cool feature, but in this case, if that’s not what you get, it’s a little bit strange. 

They would include the magnetic capability, but that doesn’t matter to me anyway, because I need that distance between the two, and perhaps that’s why they did it ’cause they realized that. 

You know, a lot of people use it that way. 

Other things for comfort, you can adjust the legs from 6 degrees or not from zero to 6 to 9, so you can have a little bit of a tent if you would like. 

Otherwise, there’s nothing really to the back of it. 

From multimedia, instead of putting multimedia keys such as play, Pause, Next track, previous track, volume up and down on the function row, Razer opted to have dedicated buttons and I love these buttons specifically the volume wheel. 

I think it feels outstanding. 

It has a really nice. 

Click to it. 

When you slide it up or down and pressing the keys has a very premium feel to it. 

OK, one thing that’s a bit. 

Of a disappointment is how the backlighting is handled with these keys. 


So give me a moment to turn off some lights. 

I can’t reach that one. 

We’re just gonna. 

Go for it. 

So when this is on as you’ll see. 

You get a. 

Really cool lighting on the inner rim of the volume key. 

This is also a mute button, by the way, but the actual play pause, next track. 

Previous track you can’t see the icon that doesn’t light up, it’s only the rim underneath like inside the chassis. 

So it’s believe me when the lights are off it’s totally usable, but it’s just a bit of a disappointment because I think if they had let those up just to match the other keys, you know every other key that’s in here it would look. 

Even better, something else. 

Razer opted to not show through on the lighting. It’s just a handful of keys here or the secondary functions on F9 through. 

12 and on the pause button. So F-11 and F-12. You may find yourself using often. This will adjust the lighting to make it dimmer or brighter. 

OK, as you can see, so it would be nice to know what those are now. 

Something you can do a bit of a hack is not hack. 

You want to sign apps and just change the color of these two keys so that you know they’re doing something different. 

That’s what I do with my razor blade and razor blade stealth, and now my razor book. 

I’ve got one of those when I do it review on it. 

So yeah, from the lighting stand. 

I mean, other than what I’ve called out so far, the lighting is great, right? 

It lights up just as you’d expect. 

You have the full Razer Chroma experience and the Razer Chroma experience is just about as good as it gets. 

That’s just the reality of things. 

OK, so part of the wireless transmission is razors hyper speed technology. 

And the hyper speed is really geared towards. 

I mean it’s it’s a fancy marketing term that says low latency. 

And the low latency on this is for gamers. 

So if you’re just all you do is work and maybe want a mechanical keyboard because you want to have that comfort of mechanical keyboards, you prefer them when you’re doing your work. 

This is probably a little bit too much in terms of the price you could get mechanical keyboards even from razor for a lot less. 

The owners want to look into. 

It’s an optical keyboard, or like the way that feels. 

It’s very good. 

But they also have Mega Membrane, which is sort of a hybrid between optical and mechanical. 

But anyway, so there are other options, but if you’re in it for the gaming. 

I’m not the best person to tell you if this is going to be worth the money because I just don’t game at that speed. Maybe it’s old age, maybe it’s something else, but I would definitely recommend if you wanna know is it fair to spend $230 on this keyboard for competitive gaming where every millisecond match. 


There are other channels. I recommend those other channels. Hardware, Canucks. Those guys are awesome. They do a good job of these types of things. I haven’t seen their review of this particular keyboard, but they do a lot of razor review so I’m sure they’ve done one with this keyboard. If not, it’s probably coming up soon. So yeah, 230 bucks for a really good feeling keyboard. It’s very well designed. You get ergonomic options, you get the included wrist rest, which is super valuable. 

You get overall good lighting, let’s call it an 8 out of 10. 

It’s just a bit of a disappointment with these media keys. 

The keys themselves are fantastic. 

Everything feels and sounds good. 

Here’s another test. 

One last comment, before I let you go. 

I didn’t make as many mistakes with this keyboard as I have with other keyboards from Razer. 

Razer keyboards generally are very good, but their laptop keyboards take some getting used to to say the least, and I’m still trying to. 

Figure that out, but on. 

My Razer book. 

I’m making a ton of mistakes so. 

As far as detached keyboards go, this one is solid, especially relative to what other things that razors put together. 

So alright, that’s it. 

I hope you found this helpful. 

If there’s anything specific you wanna know, just ask because I am going to hang on to this. 

So yeah, thanks a lot for watching and we’ll catch you on the next one. 



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