4 Shows To Binge Over The Summer Hiatus

Jun 2, 2016

The Summer hiatus is finally creeping in after our favorite TV shows end. It’s the time of year when every day a season finale airs, and we say goodbye until the Fall. Instead of basking in the sadness that this hiatus brings, stressing over season finale cliffhangers, and counting down the days until September, let us embrace the fine art of television binging. Grab some snacks, a few beverages, and get comfortable. Here are a few shows to get you through the summer.

Mr. Robot

If you enjoy watching shows that are fast paced, dramatic, and full of mystery then this is the show for you. The episodes are narrated by the main character, Elliot, so you see the show through his perspective. Elliot is an intelligent hacker battling demons who constantly threaten his sanity. He struggles to find balance between his job at a cyber security company, and his involvement with a group of hacktivists. Mr. Robot is full of fascinating multi-layered characters, intriguing plots, and plenty of OMG/Ohmygod/What?!?! moments. The second season premieres on July 13th so hurry up and binge season one!


The Magicians

A friend summed up this amazing show when he described it as, “Harry Potter for adults.” Based off of a series of books by Lev Grossman, The Magicians reignites our curiosity and our dreams about what a life filled with magic would be like. Brakebills is a school where some of our magicians attend to fine tune their extraordinary skills, meanwhile other magicians who were denied entrance to Brakebills attempt to practice magic without guidance. Quentin, one of the main characters, discovers that his journey to become a magician is going to extend beyond Brakebills, and into a world he believed to be pure fiction. The Magicians contains all the elements that make a TV show great; humor, excitement, turmoil, romance, mystery, and a dash of darkness. Things are never what they seem when magic is involved, and that is the premise of this show. Binge away, and escape to a world where anything is possible.


The 100

I’ll admit I was one of those people who had no interest in this show when it premiered. Life after a nuclear apocalypse? No thanks. Then I noticed that a lot of people I follow on Twitter and a few friends watched the show, and the tweets I saw were intriguing. The next thing I knew it was two weeks later and I was all caught up with season 3. The 100 isn’t one of those shows where every problem is solved by the end of the episode. Every single episode ends with a cliffhanger. It’s full of chaotic nonstop action, plot twists, and tension. There are also small hints of romance sprinkled throughout the show. An episode of The 100 will leave you on the edge of your seat, and most likely screaming at your television. There are plenty of characters to fall in love with, to hate, and to ship. At first glance, the basis of The 100 seems simple… A group of teens raised on a space station are left to navigate their way through an Earth that has been ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse. But each episode is a layer being shed, and you discover developments that shock you, and scenarios that leave you in suspense. The 100 is everything you want in a TV show and so much more. I highly recommend embarking on this binging journey. You won’t regret it.



Even though this show unofficially ended in 2011, I suggest settling in and binging all four seasons. Torchwood is a witty riveting British sci-fi spinoff from Doctor Who. If you watch Arrow, you might recognize one of the main characters, John Barrowman aka Malcolm Merlyn. He plays Captain Jack Harkness, an immortal time traveler who leads the team at the Torchwood Institute. Eve Myles portrays Gwen Cooper, an ordinary police officer whose curiosity and persistence lands her a spot on the alien investigating team. Barrowman and Myles have that rare magical television chemistry which radiates on screen, and throughout the series walk a fine line between friends and lovers. Torchwood is full of well written risky plot twists, and veiled dramatic moments. There are amusing lighthearted episodes, and there are dark sorrowful episodes. It’s adventurous, bold, and has a cast of relatable characters who are trying to protect and save the world. So, get comfy, practice your British accent, and spend a few days binging Torchwood.

What shows do you plan on binging to get you through this hiatus?  Send me your suggestions on Twitter, @KerrBearkru