5 Exercises for Gamers to Do Every Hour of Gaming

Jun 18, 2020


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If you are an avid gamer, then there are times you’ve played for hours nonstop. But whether you are playing the latest PS games or the Xbox, binge gaming is both exciting and tiring. Stamina is essential for a gamer. Sometimes your opponents are going to beat you because you are too tired to keep up. Besides that, you may be sitting for some hours, and that will also be exhausting. A gaming lifestyle has its downsides such as gaining weight, muscle loss, and decreased blood circulation, just to name a few. That said, fitness is vital for all gamers.

Below are 5 exercises that a player can do every hour:


Sit-to-stand is a simple exercise that has immense benefits. How can you do it? Move to the edge of the couch and put your feet on the floor. Ensure that they are slightly apart. Use your legs to stand up without supporting yourself on anything. Repeat the sit-to-stand movement for about ten to 15 times. This exercise will work your glutes and legs. It will also improve the blood circulation throughout your body.

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Ankle roll

This exercise involves lifting your leg off the ground and rolling your ankles in one direction for about five times. You should then switch the direction and roll your ankle five more times. Alternate the legs. Four sets of this exercise should be enough. The motion you’ll be creating with your ankle improves your blood circulation.

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Neck rolls

At some point, you’ve rolled your neck to counter the effects of fatigue or pain from a bad posture. Neck rolls are no different. Lower your chin to your neck. Proceed to roll your head gently to your right shoulder then to the left one. The objective is to exercise your neck muscles. Rolling your neck five times in each direction should do the trick.

Scapular retraction

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Stand or sit, but in a straight posture. Outstretch your arms. Your palms should face the roof. Start moving your shoulder blades up and down together. Ten reps are ideal for this exercise, which focuses on improving your posture.

Side reach

The side reach is another exercise that you can do while standing or sitting. Raise one hand and place the other one on the hip. Stretch your raised hand up over your head and try to reach the opposite side. Keep the length of your spine in an upright position as you do this exercise. Alternate from one hand and one side to the other. You’ll feel rejuvenated. Inhale as you stretch your arm and exhale as you get back in position.

When you game continuously for multiple hours, you put an extra strain on your body. Your blood circulations suffers, and so does the spine due to bad posture. You also get tired, and this affects your concentration on the game. With this exercise, you’ll have a more enjoyable gaming experience and also stay healthy.

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