5 Hilarious Podcasts That’ll Leave You Laughing All Week

Jul 10, 2024

Are you tired of starting your morning with a terrifying murder, chakra alignment, or some other way of hacking your life? This is a time to break from true crime, spirituality, and personal development podcasts.

Sometimes, less is more, and instead of trying to solve the next murder mystery, you might want to offer the opportunity to laugh yourself silly in addition to making your jaws hit the floor and struggle to get back on your feet due to a shortage of breath from laughing too much. Entertaining podcasts – welcome to Comedy Podcast Town!

We’ve rounded up our list of podcasts that’ll leave you chuckling through the commute, grinning at your desk at your 9-5, maybe at an essay writing service, and possibly getting strange looks from strangers when struggling to contain laughter in public. 

Tiger Belly 

First on our list is TigerBelly, and we think this podcast is sedate relative to a mad fire-bending tiger skating in rollerblades. This is a no-holds-barred arena for half-truths, social commentary, and recommendations where nothing is sacred. Behind tickle fights with Bobby, have canceled “Khaltests.” It is like listening in on the world’s least censored dinner party, though, where everything from politics to bodily functions and bad jokes is served up.

Expect a guest roaster that reads like a who’s who in comedy and pop culture. From delightfully off-beat Theo Von to the razor-sharp Zach Justice, the sultry Kazumi to Impractical Joker Sal Vulcano. It’s a must-listen with their uncanny ability to demystify societal cues through unabashed humor.

Whether tackling current events, relationship drama, or absurdities of daily life, Bobby and Khalyla, with their guests, serve up commentary that’s as insightful as it is irrelevant. It’s the kind of show that will leave you laughing from minute one. 

The Brilliant Idiots

Next up is the Brilliant Idiots, a podcast that proves two wrongs can make a hilarious right. This is a show that happens when you throw in a no-strings-attached comedian, Andrew Schulz, into a verbal cage with the notoriously out-of-pocket ‘King of Radio’ Charlamagne Tha God. The result? A comedic cocktail that’s equal parts funny and politically incorrect, add a sprinkle of ‘did they just say that?’

If you’ve only experienced the more restrained Charlamagne person on the Breakfast Club, brace yourself to meet an unhinged and unruly one with an alter ego. Listen as Charlamagne releases his unfiltered thoughts on controversial topics while Schulz serves comedic relief with razor-sharp wit. The chemistry between the duos is unmatched as it doesn’t just push the envelope – it shreds, sets it on fire, and dances on its deathbed. 

Bad Friends

If there’s ever a podcast where I’d buy an essay and read that they’ve been canceled, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s Bad Friends. Imagine throwing two comedy grenades into a room and waiting for a laughter explosion. 

This show brings together comedic juggernauts in their rights, Andrew Santino and Bobby Lee, backed by the equally hilarious Judy Jules and Jesse Johnson. If you’ve stumbled across those dark humor compilations on TikTok featuring clips from the show, brace yourself – the full episodes are more unhinged. 

Bad Friends is a cut above the rest due to the dynamic chemistry between the hosts and their banter trade. Their satire of turning even the most mundane situation into an impromptu comedy sketch is comedic gold. 

There’s no line of conversation as talk goes the way the wind blows. Views, thoughts, and opinions push the limit of acceptable. They take public discourse, tie it into a rocket, and launch it into the stratosphere. It’s the kind of podcast that’ll leave you laughing hysterically one minute and checking over your shoulder the next to make sure no one else heard what you’re listening to. 

Dropouts Podcast 

Do you want to listen in on the raddest, funniest friends you ever had? Well, look no further than the Dropouts Podcast. A perfect storm of wit, drama, chaos, and unresolved sexual tension in betwixt hosted by Zach Justice, Tara Yummy & Jared Bailey.

At its core, Dropouts Podcast is like a sitcom with a plotline: ‘Will Zach Justice and Tara Yummy get together?’ It’s more the Ross and Rachel of podcasts but with more laughs and fewer 90s haircuts. 

Zach Justice is the comedic wildcard, dropping out-of-pocket gems with a sniper’s precision and a sledgehammer’s subtlety. You’re never prepared for what comes out his mouth next. 

In contrast, Jared plays the straight man, often attempting to steer conversations back to safe waters: a Herculean task given his co-hosts. His politically correct stance is the perfect foil to Zach’s no-holds-barred approach. 

Meanwhile, Tara is the mystical vibe queen who brings charm and unpredictability that keeps the dynamic ever-changing. 

ShixtsnGigs Podcast

We will shout out to ShixtsnGigs to make it fair, as they need their name said across the pond in the comedy scene of the UK. The two best friends, James and Fuhad, know how to turn regular banter into comedy gold.

It’s like listening to the best conversation at a pub, only louder. James and Fuhad delve into a few stories while offering their unfiltered thoughts on everything they can think up.

Their raw, objective approach to comedy sets it apart from others. The duo sometimes can be offensive, sure, but they’re always served with a heft side of hilarity. It’s the kind of show that’ll endlessly leave you laughing out loud. 

The podcast’s success stems from a true friendship that arises when two mates feel completely comfortable saying whatever pops into their heads. We love their exchange of jokes with their audiences as they attempt to crack each other up. It is a refreshingly honest look at life through the eyes of two regular guys. 

Honorable Mention – The Ron Burgundy Podcast 

No list would be fully satisfying without putting in the name of The Ron Burgundy Podcast – a platform that Will Ferrell used to bring back his glorious mustache-wearing Anchorman.

Ferrell has a special guest in mind for each episode, and while the theme or subject differs from show to show, it’s more than your typical interview. As is the Burgundy way, the derailment of games begins almost instantly. It goes from a deep conversation to Ron telling some really fun story about interviewing a bear in the blink of an eye.