5 Popular Online Gaming Trends Making It Big In The New Year

Mar 3, 2021


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The online gaming landscape has immense opportunities for players, developers, and entrepreneurs alike. Players can experience the thrill of playing and make big money as well. Developers can create new and unique ones and earn by selling them, while entrepreneurs can use them as an advertising platform for extending their outreach. The pandemic has led to an uptick in the popularity of online gaming this year. When it comes to the industry trends in the New Year, here are the ones that are making it big.

The rise of artificial intelligence

Virtual games are becoming more advanced than ever. AI has a vital role in enhancing the overall gaming experience of players. For example, it can automatically determine the player’s preferences based on their playing behavior and align the experience accordingly. Players can expect these experiences to be more immersive and interactive with real-time customization of the scenarios. 

Popularity of e-sports

Another trend that you cannot ignore in 2021 is the rising popularity of e-sports. The growth is mainly attributed to the closure of sports venues and events due to the pandemic. E-sports tournaments are coming ahead as a safer alternative for sports enthusiasts as they can follow their favorite games from their homes. Key e-sports performers are making a fortune and adding to their social media followings.

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Increased use of mobile phones

The continued expansion of mobile gaming is another growing trend in the online gaming industry. Gaming is no longer confined to computers and tablets, rather mobile devices are gaining precedence now. They are handy and easy to use, so users prefer them more than desktop devices. The switch to mobile devices increases the potential audience because of wider availability and accessibility. Game developers are focusing on creating games that fit mobile gaming. 

Adoption of responsible gaming

Even as virtual games are trending, players understand the value of a responsible approach. Whether you bet on baseball or try your luck in a virtual casino, you have to assess the risks and benefits before taking the plunge. While the opportunities are big, you must risk only as much you can bear. A balanced approach will help you enjoy the experience and earn without worrying about the losses. 

An upsurge in professional gaming 

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Before the pandemic, video games were for fun, but things have changed now, with the upsurge of professional gaming in 2020. People have lost their jobs, and pay cuts are rampant, and gaming emerges as a viable side hustle in the financial crisis. If you have the right skills, you can easily make a few hundred dollars with this profession every week. For the lucky ones, it is easy to make a fortune with sheer luck rather than skills. The opportunities extend beyond professional gaming, as you can try your hand at animation, testing, writing, and more. 

The scope of innovation in online gaming is unimaginable, and things will be bigger and better ahead. The future is bright, so now is the time to embrace this new pastime and earning opportunity. 


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