5 Reasons To Play Blackjack With Bitcoin

Apr 1, 2022

Cryptocurrencies have been integrated into many industries with tremendous success ever since their establishment. The companies perceived a huge perspective of cryptos, and customers started to acknowledge the benefits of crypto transactions as well. 

It was not long after that gambling platforms started utilizing cryptocurrencies as a payment method for their users. This was definitely an innovation in the gambling world that has opened the way to great possibilities. 

Nowadays, players can encounter a vast number of crypto casinos on the market. Their popularity is increasing gradually and steadily since developers understand that cryptocurrencies will be an essential requirement in the near future. 

The most frequently used crypto is obviously Bitcoin since it first appeared several years ago. The punters have actively started gambling with bitcoin as it offers plenty of advantages in every segment of the casino. 

Blackjack is one of the most popular live dealer games that has been a constant part of the gambling world for centuries. The gamblers are fascinated with this game due to many reasons but mainly for the adrenaline and excitement it provides. 

So, it is no surprise that punters have started playing Blackjack with bitcoin upon seeing this opportunity. There are several factors underlying their decision, and in this article, you will find out five major reasons to play Bitcoin live blackjack.

You Are Able To Stay Anonymous 

The possibility to remain anonymous while processing transactions is one of the most attractive attributes of bitcoin and cryptos in general. The majority of people do not like to reveal their identity when it comes to gambling for several reasons.

They might want to hide the gambling-related transactions from their credit cards as some countries are strict towards casinos, and some people want to avoid conflicts in the family regarding spending money on casino websites. 

Bitcoin gives you an opportunity not to reveal your real name, social security number, phone number, and address. It is built with blockchain technology that makes sure to hide your private information reliably. 

Moreover, cryptocurrencies are decentralized and free of any third-party involvement. This means that they are not regulated by a government or organizations, and you are able to create an account without verifying your identity.  

Transactions Occur Immediately

One more advantageous feature of playing Blackjack with bitcoin is the time required for processing transactions. Sometimes you need to wait a couple of hours or even days when you want to withdraw funds via traditional currencies. 

As for the cryptos, every transaction is made instantly. As already mentioned above, cryptocurrencies are free from third-party institutions, and it does not require any kind of mediator in order to withdraw funds. 

Hence, every withdrawal takes place almost immediately within a day. Although you are able to withdraw funds on the same day from Monday to Friday, it may take one day when it comes to weekends. However, it is still much faster and more convenient compared to traditional methods.       

There Are Minimal Transaction Fees 

Punters often have to consider the fees when withdrawing funds from the casinos using traditional currencies. The number of transaction fees tends to fluctuate depending on the chosen withdrawal methods. 

Generally, you need to pay 3% of the total amount when you want to withdraw money with credit cards and e-wallets. On the other hand, bitcoin and other cryptos allow you to pay approximately 1%, and this is a fee to the miner who is responsible for validating the transaction.

Consequently, if you win a lot of money playing blackjack with bitcoin then you will be able to withdraw the maximum possible amount compared to other traditional banking methods. 

Available Bitcoin Blackjack Bonuses

Due to the rapid growth of the bitcoin price, the bonuses and promotions have become more appealing for the majority of gamblers. Some crypto casinos offer pretty generous proposals when playing blackjack and other games with bitcoin.

The current price of bitcoin is over 41.000$ as of today, and as a result, even bonuses including the least amount of bitcoin seem extremely attractive to punters. For instance, certain casinos might provide a bonus of 0.1 BTC for players who love to place high stakes in Blackjack.

This is without a doubt a highly valuable offer since 0.1 BTC is equal to over 4.000$ and needless to say, you have to always take maximum advantage of bonuses like this. 

There is a huge amount of casinos consisting of pretty appealing offers in terms of bitcoin gambling and considering the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies you might get an extremely generous reward. 

Provably Fair Technology

Bitcoin guarantees the safety and fairness of every casino game including Blackjack using the advanced technology called provably fair. It utilizes advanced measures in order to prevent any kind of cheats from casino operators.

It gives the players a chance to check the result of the previous game and be assured that it was entirely authentic. Furthermore, you are protected from cyber attacks as well since it is impossible for hackers to identify the encrypted information provided by a provably fair algorithm. 

So, you don’t need to worry about fraud or manipulations when playing Blackjack with bitcoin.


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