5 Things That Should be in TellTales’ Michonne

Feb 12, 2016

Telltale games, creators of popular adventure games such as The Walking Dead, Tales from the Borderlands, and Game of Thrones is at it again with The Walking Dead: Michonne. The shorter three part series centers around Michonne from the TWD comics and is due to launch February  23rd! In anticipating of this I’ve compiled a top 5 list of things I want to see in the game.

Cast from the Comic books

If you’re up on the comics Michonne’s story is fill in the gaps after the All Out War story arch. Basically Michonne leaves the core group to go adventuring on a boat. It would be great to see some of the original comic cast in this game at least at the very beginning. I’m taking about handless Rick, hole in the head Carl, or even badass Jesus.  Initially tying in some of the original cast would set the dramatic stage of Michonne leaving. Plus I’d like to see Telltale renditions of the original cast.


TWD carl


It would be hard to squeeze this in because it wouldn’t really make sense since Michonne had little interaction with him, but I’d love to see Negan. He’s probably my favorite character in the TWD comics, and really you can never really have too much Negan. Plus it would be a cool way to maybe introduce him to TV show fans as the next big bad.

TWD Negan

Return of Clementine

Another thing that probably won’t happen, but seeing Clementine a little more grown up would be awesome. We all love Clem and she’s proven that she can handle herself.  A Michonne/Clementine team up would be awesome!

Clem TWD


Since Michonne’s traveling coastal areas via boat, wouldn’t it be awesome to encounter pirates! I’m not talking the peg leg parrot toting type  although that would be cool), but a group of survivors/villains that has taken to the seas for survival.  Also remember that group of surivors that had a boat, and left Lee and company for dead in the first walking episode game? Running into them again would be an interesting way the tie Michonne into the previous games.


Something new from TellTale

I’d love to see some new mechanics or innovation from Telltale. The Walking Dead Video game was great, but it’s kind of set the formula and mechanics for all the other Telltale games since. Telltale games aren’t bad, but they are starting to get a bit stale as far as presentation. Seeing something new to mix up the overall mechanics would be welcomed!


Well there is the list. Do you agree/disagree? Sound off below!


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