6 Content Writing Tips for Beginners 2020

Jul 2, 2020


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At the beginning of your writing career, you will make lots of mistakes. The point is that you need to improve yourself to grow professionally. To achieve this goal, check 8 useful tips on how to make your content engaging, easily readable, and error-free.

1. Start the Right Way

You should start your article or any other kind of writing appropriately. What does “the right way” mean here? It means starting your piece of writing with a logical structure. Make a skeleton of your article first. It has to consist of headings and subheadings and include three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. You can address an essay writing service on the web to let professionals help you structure your article. If you are just a beginner or a student, there is nothing wrong with asking an online essay service for help.

Let us assume you need to write about the US aid to Allies during WW2, but you cannot type a single word. Some ideas are lazily floating in your mind, but nothing wants to go on paper. Try to create an outline in this case.

It will probably include the following:

  • Introduction
  • First American volunteers
  • First engagement before Pearl Harbor
  • Lend-Lease
  • Europe theater
  • North African theater
  • Pacific theater
  • American theater
  • Conclusion

A quickly drafted structure is never a final one, but it will definitely help you set the direction of your writing and speed up the whole process.

2. Make your Writing Easily Readable

If you write for the web, your readers have to understand you no matter what English skills they have or how patient they are. Otherwise, they will quickly leave the page in search of better-written materials.

The following techniques will improve your writing:

  • Shortening the sentences
  • Focusing on action verbs
  • Dividing your text into paragraphs

You also have to combine the logical structure with the approaches listed below:

Ideal Sentence Length

If you forget the beginning of the sentence when reading it to the end, this is a long one. An article consisting of such long passages will never get enough attention because it is hard to read. Make sure you fit your ideas within 15-20 word sentences. You may sometimes make them a bit longer, up to 30 words. But make sure your sentences fit in two lines max. If they are longer than that, separate them.

Divide your Writing into Paragraphs

Making proper breaks in your text matters more than you may think. Even an engaging, well-researched article with flawless grammar and perfect wording will never find its audience if it looks like a wall of text.

School teachers may say that paragraphs have to be no more than 200 words long, or up to six sentences. But the good rule of thumb is to keep them around four-five lines long. It is about 50 words on average. SEO specialists say that such a format allows readers to consume information most comfortably.

Don’t try to Sound Too Smart

Simplify things whenever possible. Don’t complicate your writing with fancy terms, archaisms, passive voice overuse, or lengthy constructions.

One Idea – One Rubric

Beginner writers tend to cover several topics within one heading or subheading. It is because structuring ideas is challenging for them. If you notice that you write about the history of computing machines, first calculating tools, and computer generations within one rubric, stop it immediately.

“The history of computing machines” should be your heading. First calculators, early discoveries, and types of computing machines in the 20 century have to be covered in separate subheadings. This will allow you to focus on a single idea and express it within a single rubric. Thus, your writing will instantly become much easier to read.

3. Include Ordered and Unordered Lists

If you enumerate something in a line, it will make your writing come complicated. Some information is much easier to digest when presented in a list. This will help your readers follow your ideas.

Include ordered lists when you want to emphasize the sequence of events. For example, you need to write a cherry pie recipe. Describe the cooking process step by step. You can use unordered lists to enumerate some items (usually more than four-five). Make sure each of your articles has at least one list.

4. Make Some Research

Just research things. It may sound like an obvious suggestion, but when you learn the subject better, you can describe your article idea in simple words to let everyone understand what you mean. You will quickly draw analogies and replace complicated terms with simpler equivalents. If you are not familiar with the topic, you will never be able to fully cover and explain it in your article.

5. Always Proofread

After finishing your writing, always proofread and edit it. Read it aloud since it allows you to spot awkward constructions. After several hours of crafting an article, your sight can get blurred, so you will not notice some critical errors. If you have enough time before the deadline, make sure you edit your writing again the next day with a fresh mind and clear sight.

6. Get Help on the Web

If you experience some troubles with writing, you can address essay services. Why them? Lots of essay agencies offer web article writing at a much lower rate compared to SEO companies. You can send your piece of writing to revision and get thoughtful feedback from professional proofreaders. A pro essay writing service will offer both crafting articles from scratch and editing/proofreading so you can improve your content drastically in a matter of hours.

Final Thoughts

Learning to make writing consistent, well-structured, easily-readable, and engaging is crucial, especially at the start of your career. Always research the topics and proofread your articles before submission. Additionally, you can address professional essay writing services to enhance and improve your content.

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