7 Weird Facts about Casinos in Nevada

Dec 23, 2020


Nevada is an internationally acclaimed city famous for casino gaming, nightlife, shopping, entertainment, fine dining and so much more. Nevada is the hub of casino gaming in the US, with visitors coming from far and wide to experience the breathtaking atmosphere here. 

Online and land-based casinos are in plenty in Nevada. Most of the gaming activities in the state take place in Las Vegas. For those looking to enjoy gaming at Nevada’s casinos, here are 7 facts that you need to know about them. 

Map of Casinos in Nevada

Finding a casino in Nevada is pretty. The desert the state is home to hundreds of gambling facilities. In fact, it has too many casinos that they can be confusing. Lucky for you, There is a map of casinos in Nevada at casinos.us you can use to pinpoint the exact location of every gambling establishment in Clark County. It’s free and easy to use.

State and National Lotteries are Illegal

While Nevada was among the first states to legalize sports betting and casino gaming, state lotteries are not allowed in the state. If you love participating in state lotteries, then you cannot enjoy them within Nevada’s boundaries. 

It seems off-brand for Nevada casinos not to offer lotteries to fans, regardless of the success they enjoy in the US. However, both casino operators and lawmakers decided that it is not a good idea to have lotteries or any other gambling form that resembles lotteries, such as scratch-off tickets. 

Notably, casinos here have never offered lotteries, since Nevada has never had a system in place for the same. And, don’t be hopeful that you may enjoy lotteries in Nevada soon since there are no signs of changes taking place any time soon.

Key Tax Contributors

Casinos play a very significant role in the economy of Nevada. Specifically, they are among the largest tax contributors, helping the state earn millions in revenue every year. The endless casino activities that take place in Nevada see the state raise billions every year. 

A good amount of this money goes directly to the state’s finances through taxes. The money is then used to run important activities as well as fund notable projects and noble causes. The state’s casinos continue to gain popularity in the US and worldwide. 

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So, it is expected that the casinos will contribute more revenue to Nevada.Besides, as online gaming continues to take shape in Nevada, more people will be able to access gaming services. Overall, this will help the casinos to thrive and contribute even higher amounts in taxes. 

Online Casinos are Not Regulated in Nevada

While online casinos are legal in Nevada, surprisingly, they are licensed or regulated within the jurisdiction. Land-based casinos are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Although online casinos are not regulated in Nevada, they are legal. 

The state allows them to offer iGaming services to the residents. You can join any online casino operating in Nevada, but first, ensure you ascertain that it is a legit one. With the many casinos available, you have to scrutinize a casino before joining to avoid scam sites. 

Nevada’s online casinos offer many gaming options under different categories such as table games, poker, and slots. Some of the sites offer sports betting services.Land-based casinos are also famous for offering a variety of gaming options. 

High Roller Rooms

Nevada casinos follow a system that you will likely not find anywhere else in the US; high roller betting rooms. In this system, the leading casinos designate special rooms where serious gamers can place their bets. 

Commonly referred to as whales here, serious gamers are those that place very high stakes. Casinos value them a lot, and as such, offer them life-time opportunities to wager in rooms where they are undisturbed by other casino regulars. 

The minimum bid for roulette, blackjack, and baccarat in these rooms is double or even higher than the minimum and maximum wagers found on the regular gaming tables. Some casinos open their rooms to the general public while others only invite the highest rollers.

Dress Codes for Casinos

Upscale Nevada casinos require their customers to dress accordingly. Although most of the casinos don’t have a dress code in place, it is important you dress smartly, more so if you are planning to visit the high-end casinos. 

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For men, jeans or shorts collared sports shirts, and smart t-shirts are acceptable. As for ladies, they can wear pants, blouses, skirts or dresses. In short, it doesn’t matter what you wear, provided the clothes are neat. The torn beat-up appearance is unacceptable. 

In the evening, the dress code gets more formal in Nevada’s casinos. For instance, shorts are out. Jeans, blouses, slacks, dresses, button-down shirts, suits, and anything formal are satisfactory. Never, at any time visit the casinos with flip-flops. You will feel totally out of place.

Skip the Tables

Table games in Nevada like Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette attract a huge audience. In fact, these are the games that attract the most serious gamers in the state. While this is the case, this is not where the biggest wins come from in Las Vegas. 

They come from the one-armed bandits. If you want to increase your chances of winning while playing at Nevada casinos, check out the thousands of slot machines available in brick-and-mortar casinos, from Batman and Superman themed slots to simple fruit games.

You can also experience the online version of these games in an online casino of your choice. Nevada has numerous sites where you can play slots, and finding a good site with a packed library is much easier today than before since more casinos have ventured into this market. 

The Minimum Gaming Age is 21 Years

The flexibility of gaming rules in Nevada might make some people think that age doesn’t matter when it comes to playing casino games or attending festivals. Nevada casinos are very strict about the age and as a first-time customer, you have to verify that you are at least 21 years. 

The casinos will require you to produce any valid document that they can use to verify your age. Majorly, this applies to young adults whom casinos might sometimes suspect are not 21 yet. If you are a senior, casinos may not require an identification document. 


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