Review: Rage TV (iOS)

Oct 24, 2011


20111024-120615.jpgWhat can one say about a game where in it your sole purpose is to turn mutants into piles of goo with a shotgun, rifle and pistol? Rage HD: Mutant Bash TV is not so much a full game but is a teaser for the Rage FPS that just came out on PC. John Carmack and the guys at id Software (the same guys responsible for bringing ports of Doom and Wolfenstein to the iPad) have created a beautiful megatextured shooter that really shows off the iPad’s graphical qualities.

Rage HD is a shooter on rails, that means the games moves you forward as you progress. This feature, while taking a little time to get used too, gives you much more time and opportunity to maim and destroy a never ending horde of mutant baddies. The control scheme is simple and effective, and it gives you a little customization in setting up where you want controls and how you look around and shoot. I found the factory setting to be adequate for getting through the levels on easy but minor tweaking was required for higher levels of difficulty. Rage HD also offer little bonuses to keep you going if you ever get tired of putting ugly mutants out of their misery, there are targets set up throughout the different levels and shooting the allots you bonus points. There is also ammunition scattered throughout the levels in case you find your favorite shotgun is depleted right as a mutant is about to chew your face off.

While offering no multiplayer capacity, Rage HD is linked to game center and has a variety of achievements you can compare with your friends. While replay ability is somewhat low after you have completed the entire game, if you’re looking for the best way to kill, murder, and obliterate 30 minutes of your lifetime, this $1.99 gore-fest would top our list of recommendations.

Purchase @ $1.99