A Beginner’s Guide: How to Become a Successful Streamer

Jul 23, 2021


Video Game Streaming – Tips for Getting Started 

Today, streaming has become very popular because it is a very simple form of content creation. Every year, the streaming industry is developing more and more. According to the study, the streaming industry will be valued at $184.3 billion by 2027. Today you don’t need to put in a lot of effort to do streaming. All that is required is to connect to the Internet and start broadcasting your face or voice to the whole world.

But what does it take to become a successful streamer? This line of work requires commitment, outstanding video game skills, the right video software, and good looks. Streaming can also be a great way to support yourself financially. Today we will tell you what it takes to become a successful streamer. You don’t have to worry, you will become a professional in no time.

How to become a streamer

​​A Few Steps to Consider Before You Start Streaming

Choose Your Niche

While streaming is now very common, there are many types of content you can get into. On streaming platforms like Twitch, there are many different channels to be found, from food channels to channels where people create live works of art. But of course, games remain the most common type of content. Viewers enjoy watching others play their favorite games and can also cheer streamers on as they do it.

If you want to become a gaming streamer, you should focus on a specific genre of games. This way, you can keep your entire audience engaged in every video. Also, viewers will receive exactly what they came to your channel for. Jumping from one game to another and changing their genre often will only reduce views on your videos.

Focusing on one genre of games will help you build a huge base of loyal subscribers and fans who will always be ready to revisit your stream.

Entice the Audience

As discussed earlier in the article, streaming is popular and it is more likely that there are hundreds of channels out there that are recording content similar to yours. That is why you must decide how you want to attract viewers to your channel and what will set you apart from other streamers. Think about what might be your main advantage over others. Perhaps you are very adept at playing games or participate in tournaments. You can also play video games for your pleasure, but be a very bright and interesting person with whom you want to interact and observe.

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Define Your Goals

One of the important things to think about before you start streaming is your goals. Try to define your goals for the future and why you want to share your gameplay with the world. You should devote enough time to this, whether you want to make streaming your main activity or as a hobby.

Defining goals and reasons can help you see the path to success. Thus, you can clearly understand in which direction you need to move and develop to achieve success.

Select a Gaming Platform

To be able to play and stream games, you must choose a suitable gaming platform. Some games, such as Counter-Strike, are only available on certain gaming platforms. This is why you need to decide on a platform that suits the games you intend to stream.

If your games aren’t just for consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, then PC is the best gaming platform. Depending on how powerful your PC is, you can run multiple games at the same time at higher quality and higher frame rates. If you’re used to playing with just a controller, then this won’t be a big problem. This is because the controller can be connected to your PC and you can play for fun.

Pick a Capture Device

If you want to stream games through the console, you need to choose what device your computer can use to capture the console feed from the console. There are many different capture devices, each with a different shape, format, and size. Also, before choosing a capture device, make sure it matches your specific console’s output. Otherwise, your purchase will be pointless, because you will not be able to connect the console to the computer.

Another thing worth taking care of is eliminating the delay between the press of a button and the action that happens on the screen. To avoid this situation, you need to split the HDMI feed from your console using an HDMI splitter. One feed goes to your console’s TV, and the other to the streaming PC. After completing these steps, the delay will be almost imperceptible. Also, the feeling that you were playing in the broadcast will disappear.

Buy a High-Quality Webcam

The first thing people will pay attention to when watching your broadcasts is your face. How you look on the screen is one of the key metrics. This is because the audience gets the impression that they are communicating with someone real. This is why choosing the right webcam is so important. The better and clearer your image is, the more likely viewers will be watching your broadcasts.

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If you are just starting with streaming and do not want to spend money on buying chroma keys or other additional equipment, then you should not spend huge sums of money on buying an expensive webcam. It’s important to have a webcam part of your broadcast, but it can also be one area where you can save money if needed.

One of the fairly common options is to use a digital camera you already have. Most camcorders and cameras released in recent years can be used as a webcam. All you need to do is connect them via USB or HDMI.

Choose the Right Video Software

If you’ve already set up all the hardware and planned your broadcast, you need to think about how best to combine it all into a tape. You need to choose the right video software with which you will be able to properly organize all aspects of your streaming. This includes gameplay, webcam, alerts, donations, and more.A good strategy that most streamers use is to create video cuts from streams. You can publish similar videos on other platforms, for example, YouTube, to attract new users and generate additional income. But to create such videos, you must choose the right video editing software with which you can create a good video. One of the programs that are often used as the main video editing software is Movavi Video Editor. This program is lightweight and easy to use. In addition, there are many other video editing software such as Shotcut, Lightworks, FXhome, and others.

A guide to successful streaming


Streaming is a very interesting direction, which is very popular today. But without proper preparation, you cannot become a successful streamer. Follow each of the steps above and you will get closer to launching a quality broadcast. This is not a complete list, because there are many more nuances and techniques that you will have to learn. All this you will master already during the practice of launching broadcasts. It is worth remembering that there is no limit to perfection and how far you can go.

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