A Forceful Fan Service a “Star Wars #3” Review

Mar 13, 2015


star-wars-3-page-3 (422x640)Star Wars #3

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: John Cassaday

In Star Wars #3 Jason Aaron and John Cassaday bring their Cymoon1 storyline to a close in a fashion that seems more fitting for a Star Wars film than a comic. Never in this series do you get the feeling that the creative team is limited by the medium, rather they use it to tell a more grandiose Star Wars tale. Rather than coming across as the finale of another long drawn out Rebellion and Empire conflict, we have a huge jaw dropping action set piece worthy of a modern day blockbuster and an ending that gives iconic characters such as Darth Vader and Chewbacca scenes that many have only dreamed possible while playing with their Star Wars action figures.

Aaron manages to write the Star Wars characters in a way that feels organic, but entertainingly over the top all at the same time. Chewbacca ripping Aliens into pieces, Vader destroying everything in site with ease are just two of they ways in Star Wars issue #3 beefs up the characters we know and love. This constant perfection and surprise of character development and character dynamics are what makes this book so enjoyable each month and Aaron puts all of that work on full display here. BecauseAT VADER although you know Aaron will stay true to the characters Star Wars fans love and adore. You never know what he will have them doing next. Or what iconic character moment or scene will be paid homage to. Some may call this approach simple fan service, but more than likely the majority of readers will find themselves enjoying the level of respect and knowledge of Star War universe, mythos, and characters on display in this book.

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The only complaint here is sometimes Aaron and Cassady escalate things to such a large scale that it feels like maybe there is a bit too much going on. While this can bog down the main narrative of the story at times, the book is so much fun it can be forgiven at least for now. We will see what happens with more overarching stories are required to play out.


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