A Fun Night with Mr. Right (Movie Review)

Apr 19, 2016


Do you like dance fighting and green gummy bears? Then Mr. Right might be for you!

Mr. Right or Francis Munch, a hit man who developed a confused moral code, now kills those who would try to hire him. Martha McKay is a girl who grew up to be a dinosaur. The pair meet and eventually hit it off. Along the way Francis’s old mentor Hopper comes to bring him back to his old life, but the Martha is captured by the Cartigan brothers and used as bait for Francis; fun violence ensues.


This is a super basic overview of a really fun movie, and as per usual I’ll recommend that you just go see it. Getting into the acting, I think Sam Rockwell and Anna Kendrick make an incredible acting couple! They both play very odd characters and the movie could’ve taken a bad turn if their chemistry didn’t shine through on screen. Both hold their own throughout, proving to be strong individual characters as well. Tim Roth can pull off a very believable southern drawl and makes for a character that I would’ve liked to see more of. As a whole, this was a well acted and interesting movie. Paco Cabezas did a wonderful job directing and gave the movie a unique feeling. Max Landis wrote something wonderful and as usual sold me on it in an interview he did months ago.

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I went into this movie with very high expectations, and I’ll be honest… I left a little disappointed. The film had strengths and I think a lot of that came from the actors, but I had a few problems with the story. I think I left with too many questions that I wanted answered and felt slightly underwhelmed. That being said this is well worth 90 minutes for Rockwell and Kendrick alone!

Check out the trailer for Mr. Right below:

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