A Lawsuit Between George Miller and WB Behind ‘Mad Max’ Sequel Delays?

Nov 13, 2017

We’ve known for a while now that Mad Max creator and director George Miller has been sitting on two sequels to Fury Road. It’s been a bit puzzling why Warner Bros. hasn’t made an official announcement concerning them.

Well, Aussie outlet The Sydney Morning Herald might have some answers. They are reporting that Miller and his production company are now forced to take Warner Bros to court over money owed ($7 million bonus) and other behind the scenes stuff.

The bonus deal was if they didn’t go over budget and Miller claims they did, but added expenses came from choices made by Warner Bros., not them.

According to the Herald, an agreement couldn’t be reached behind closed doors and will turn into a lawsuit to be held in New South Wales.

It’s a messy situation for fans expecting these sequels happening anytime soon. This could possibly explain why Miller hasn’t named his next film and has also turned down recent rumored/reported job offers from WB (Akira, Man of Steel 2, Green Lantern Corps.).

This isn’t the first case of Warner Bros. attempting to not pay money owed. The Tolkien estate had to take the studio to court over The Lord of the Rings earnings as well.

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