A Legend Returns for “Superman: The Coming of the Supermen” #1 (Review)

Feb 24, 2016

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5057212-0+comsm_cv1_dsSuperman: The Coming of the Supermen #1
Story by: Neal Adams

Words by: Neal Adams & Tony Bedard
Art by: Neal Adams
Color by: Alex Sinclair

Legendary comic creator, Neal Adams, returns to Metropolis in a new six-issue mini-series staring the Man, or rather Men of Steel. Just seeing Adams’ name grace the cover of a Superman book again makes it an instant must read. And while Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1 starts off clunky and exposition heavy, it is none-the-less beautiful and has a classic Superman feel many of us have been yearning for.5057216-1+comsm_1_1

Adams opens the story with heavy exposition in the guise of a news report by Lois Lane. This choice progresses the story quickly as in just a few pages we are introduced to three mysterious supermen and they are immediately thrust into battle with Kalibak and Darkseid’s minions who appear to want something from Lex Luthor.

Just as quickly as we are introduced to these new Supermen and the threat. We are pulled away to the Middle East to join the real Superman as he saves a village from its attackers. Upon doing so, a strange being with an ominous message interrupts Superman and seemingly forces him to take in a boy he has just saved. It’s a strange scene and while I hope it has some meaning down the road it felt more like a political statement than a necessary plot point. Superman with this young boy in tow, return to Metropolis just in time to join the fight.

5057219-4+comsm_1_4Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1 isn’t by any means a bad comic but it definitely isn’t anything we haven’t read before. And honestly I think that’s kind of the point. Adams injects a very classic, old school feel to this Superman story. This Superman harkens back to a time where he still wore red underpants and is the ultimate goody two-shoes god. It’s downright campy fun. Adams’ is setting up an epic story but at times it does feel a bit rushed and discombobulated, this is concerning because it’s only the first issue. Here is hoping Adams’ pulls it all together, slows it down, and starts some character development in the next issues.

Of course with Adams’ the highlight for me has always been the art and he hasn’t lost a step in Superman: The Coming of the Supermen. His pencil work is as beautiful and dynamic as ever. My favorite scene features Lex Luthor seemingly leaping off the page as he yells at Lois Lane asking, “Where is Superman!?” It’s simply a gorgeous layout and as I stare at it now I can’t help but smile with glee. Combined with the colors of Alex Sinclair, Adams’ once again projects a classic image of Superman that will give make any fan of the Man of Tomorrow nostalgic.

Admittedly this comic isn’t going to be for everyone as new comic book readers may find it a little too old fashioned for their tastes. Older fans of the character however will find Superman: The Coming of the Supermen #1 a homage to comics of old and even though the story needs to slow down and take a breath, Adams’ art saves the day with its classic lines, bright bountiful coloring and dynamic action. Superman fans, this one is for you.

images courtesy of Comic Vine

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