A New Animated Mortal Kombat film is in Development

Jan 14, 2021


Mortal Kombat seems to be a top priority for Warner Bros. studios, last year they dropped Scorpions’ Revenge an R rated animated feature following the famed characters origins and later this year they are set to drop a feature film on HBO Max currently slated for April

Now Illumierd has revealed WB Animation is working on another animated Mortal Kombat project this is currently title Mortal Kombat 3. This appears to come from casting grids as the site provides casting call details form Kira, Kobra, Kabal, Kuai Liang, and Tremor.

Kobra – Male – (25-35) – Fiery street fighter, standing voice is raspy.

Kira– Female – (25-35) Troublesome, sadistic, cruel but level-headed. Mid to low register with scratchy and textured voice.

Tremor – Male – (30-40) Looking for an African American voice to sound . Bold, weighty, strong voice, intimidating and burly.

Kuai Liang – Male – (60-70’s) – Asian Male. A warrior who is now a pacifist. Seasoned, strong, and powerful voice.

Kabal – Male – Ninja with a scarred face, immovable bad-ass, mid to low register

via Illuminerd

The site indicates that story details are sparse but the breakdown does indicate that his Mortal Kombat tale maybe following an older Sub-Zero as he trains Kobra to take up the fight against Tremor. There is no telling if this story is at all connected to the live action version but as more details are delivered on both projects that maybe more clear in the future.

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Source: Illuminerd


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