A Test Of Faith in “Lake of Fire” #4 (Review)

Nov 30, 2016

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lakeoffire_04-1Lake of Fire #4
Image Comics

Written, Colored and Lettered by: Nathan Fairbairn
Illustrated by: Matt Smith

Lake of Fire Issue 4 finds our surviving Crusaders and the heretics that they are with delving deep into the heart of the alien threat itself on a mission of rescue that will test both their faith and resolve. In the dark recesses of the crashed alien ship, the dwindling band confronts the ever-increasing hordes of alien insects that are roaming the corridors and surrounding area hunting for prey. As the group edges closer to the “Lake of Fire” located at the heart of the ship, some will stand, some will fall and all will be tested as the scope of the alien plan for the humans they’ve taken is revealed.lakeoffire04_03

Smith’s artwork is expressive, highlighting the brutality of close quarters combat. He uses the inherent claustrophobic nature of their descent to bring the characters into more focus and detail. Fairbairn has been building a story that touches on all of the classic alien invasion tropes, but the 13th century setting adds new elements to the story that make the plight of these characters so compelling. This issue enlarges the scope of the battle they are immersed in while also allowing for the small all too human moments that allow for one of the band to dig deep inside to affirm his waning courage.

Lake of Fire #4 is a satisfying read that continues to draw the reader in and makes me look forward to the experiencing the final chapter of this tale.

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