A Thrilling Indie Slasher: The Laughing Mask (Review)

Dec 2, 2015


The Laughing Mask
Pendragon Films
Directed by: Michael Aguiar

Spoiler Free Review


At first glance of the masked killer known as The Laughing Mask, you would assume this would be a blood splattering grind your teeth kind of movie. I know I did. Well I was wrong and you would be too. This is more of a thriller/mystery movie. Which is not a bad thing at all. Yes we still see some great clever kill scenes and The Laughing Mask will not disappoint you as the sadistic killer.


This film starts off with The Laughing Mask doing what he does best… killing! Then after the opening credits we dive into the backbone of the story which is mainly about revenge. Jake Johnson’s wife and child have been murdered by the crazed masked killer. As expected he falls into a downward spiral. He takes to the bottle quite hard and wants to lure this psychotic madman to his death. The problem is… who will find him first? Jake or the police? So Jake decides to lure this madman out of the shadows by using himself as the bait.

The ending of this film has a great surprise that will left me breathless.


Michael Aguiar did a great job of writing the screenplay and also directing this film. This is an independent movie which means there is no Academy Award nomination, but it is not a film shot on an iPhone either. At the moment this film is currently in talks with a distributor and will be available on all online platforms; shortly after to be released on to DVD. So please keep your eyes open for it or The Laughing Mask will be coming for you!

Check out the Official Teaser for The Laughing Mask yourself!



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