Acer Predator Triton 300 – The New Value King

Nov 16, 2020


This is the Acer Predator Triton 300. 

On the back of the predator. 

I have a sticky note. 

I wrote this a little while ago, it says Triton 300 new value King question Mark. 

The reason this question is important to me is multidimensional, but the 1st and most important dimension is this. For years I have been saying that the Lenovo Legion laptops even before they were called Legion back when they were the idea Pad Y series, I’ve proclaimed are the best value laptops around. 

Now for reference point, this laptop is $1500 and has an RTX 2070 Max QA 10th Gen Intel I7 processor and 16 gigs of RAM and it has a cool design and a nice keyboard. 

The Lenovo Legion 715 inches same specs is $1600 on sale. That’s still a good price when you think about something like the Razer Blade 15, right? It’s the flagship for Razer. It is the leading. 

Gaming laptop that everyone recommends, right? It’s the best $2600 for those specs, and Razer has several options below that that are also very well built with the aluminum single body etc. 

This little guy surprised me. You see, $1500 for these specs. 

That’s a good deal, and that’s not even a sale price. But it’s not perfect, right? I love the display. I love the keyboard. I like the design A lot. I think it looks cool. 

I had a very good time reviewing this laptop, it might be. 

One of my favorites for the year. It’s an easy recommendation for me to make now. Typically, I recommend people to either Razer or Lenovo for their gaming laptop needs, but right now I’m slotting Acer in as the Value King. And here’s why. First of all, specs to put some context around the performance 10th Gen Intel Core I-716, gigs of RAM, and an NVIDIA RTX. 

2070 Max Q Not a Super Max QA Max Q. Also there’s only one spec that I can find in the States although the Acer website alludes to a 32-gig version, I couldn’t find it. Perhaps that means you can just slide another 16 in here in a way you go. I don’t think you need it for Windows 10. I don’t think you need it for gaming, so a little more about this. 

Performance is really something special. Now. The numbers aren’t going to blow you away unless you have something to compare it too. So I’ll do my best to do that. Witcher 3, about 72 frames per second on average. Now I put this alongside at $2600. Razer Blade 15 within 2070. Super Max Q and that got about 9 frames per second more so. 

8182 right around there. 

Well, that’s a more expensive laptop by $1000, so is it worth $1000 for 10 more frames per second? I don’t think so. Also, I put it next to a Lenovo Legion five with an AMD Ryzen 4500 UR. It was an H1 H and that had a 1660 TI GPU and that laptop was closer to 45 frames per second. 

And $900 so for $600 more than that Lenovo laptop, you get doubled the GPU output. 

On Witcher 3, but it didn’t stop at Witcher 3 in Doom. I got well over 120 frames per second and pretty consistently unless I was in a big battles. Lots of explosions that then start to dip closer to 100 frames per second and then finally I also tested Assassin’s Creed Valhalla which is probably going to have an update here soon. Improve the graphics performance, but that was really surprised. It was very smooth at around 50 to 60 frames per second. 

And that’s with everything set to high and adaptive display quality off so. 

And in all games I should mention, I used the NVIDIA GeForce experience to tune those games. They generally at landed at 1080P and a mix between medium and high. So excellent performance for what you get now. The overall build is pretty darn good, but you may not like the way that it looks now. Personally I do. I like the color blue. 

The Acer’s chosen to accent this entire laptop with, but they’re a little bit inconsistent in the way they did it, and this isn’t the first time they’ve done it this way. I’ve reviewed the Tritons from. 

Last year and in those laptops also had a Little Mix, a mismatch between the colors on the outside before we get to that, since I had this open, let’s talk about the keyboard. The keyboard is a little mushy on the landing, but I like that so it’s a soft landing. When you press the keys and it’s very quiet relative to other gaming laptop keyboards. Also, it’s not mechanical so. 

Hence the mushy. So keep that in mind. But it is 4 zoned lighting with the full number pad on the right hand side. Now Acer is gone a little bit extra mile. 

And they’ve adjusted the feel and the color of the keys. Well, some of the keys. The was the keys, the Arrow Keys, which also are your display, an audio keys, and then finally the Acer Predator key. So if you press, those keys are going to feel a little bit different bit of concavity to them. A little hard to describe and the lighting pierces through them a little. 

With a little more pronunciation now that for zone lighting it does support a variety of different colors. I’ve kept it to the default blue color because that’s sort of the. 

Looked at Acer’s been going with, I think it looks really well relative to the rest of the device. Let’s talk about the way the whole thing looks now on the back. You have the Acer Predator logo. This is an awesome awesome logo and just like with the Razer laptops, it lights up. You can disable it, but if you choose to disable it, it will look more like this. 

So the blue lighting that goes around the frame will disappear, but there’s still a bit of a blue glow to it. Now. Overall the chassis has like 3. 

Different tones there’s this, the dark but kind of blue lid and bottom. Then there’s the hinge, which is almost a little bit purple. And then the touch Pad has, or the trackpad has a slightly different blue than those other two. Now I think that’s a bit of a disappointment. This could have been really a home run if everything had been the same color I. 

I don’t know if this was intentional or just trying to match the colors. The best they can, but it’s the way that things landed. But if you can get past that look, then the rest of it I think will be really. 

Impressive to you. Now Speaking of looks, Acer does something else here that you may not love and that’s they put a little bit of an angle to the front of the lid. It threw me off at first. It’s a little different, especially in the laptop is opened up, but overall it’s really not that big of a deal now. Some laptops like the Legion laptops will put in. 

They put a lip here that you can just grab to make one handed opening easier, but this laptop doesn’t do that. So instead you know you have to. Like really get your fingers in there and then pull it open. 

It does support the one handed open, which is really cool. The hinge is not the tightest in the world, so this isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed an Acer laptop and had this to say about it. Notice I didn’t call a problem, but it doesn’t hold the tension very well. As you can see, it doesn’t. Yeah, you saw, that’s how it goes. 

But this is still easy to recommend their solid IO full size Ethernet, USB, a USB C headphone Jack. It’s not too loud either. When I was in I call it peak gaming with the fans set to automatic. I didn’t exceed 52 decibels and the low end was 48, so it runs at what you would expect. A 2070 Max Q to run at. 

And overall it’s very thin and you know, relatively light. 

It has a cool design which I think some people might love. Some people might hate, but it was intentional. The way that Acer went about this with that blue coloring, you know where they could, you know, even the grills on the back have a bit of a blue tint to them, so it’s an easy recommendation for me to make $1500. But there is a caveat that goes beyond any of the negative things I’ve said so far. 

The one big caveat is that this is hard to find. 

As of recording, I can’t find it for sale anywhere that isn’t a third party reseller on Amazon or Newegg. And of course, you gotta be careful with third party resellers, so if you’re looking to buy this from a core distributor like Amazon, Bestbuy, target, something like that, I think it’s going to be a challenge for you now. I will link. 

To Acer’s website. 

But even Acers website doesn’t have it directly for sale from what I can find, so I will reset reach out and see if we can figure this part out. But man if you can get your hands on this if your budgets around 13 to $1700 I would tell you to you know go up from 13 to 15 to grab this or down from 17 to 15 to grab this me for reference a similarly specced. 

Lenovo laptop which I previously said a value Kings 16 to $1700 on sale so. 

More expensive for the Lenovo version and then of course if you’re going to stuff all this into a Razer laptop, granted there’s a reason razors at the top of its class. Those are going to be closer to 25 or $2600 for the same specs now I’ll leave you with this. I’m also testing this Lenovo Legion seven I, but unlike the last seven I reviewed. 

This has a 2080 Super Max. Queueing it in 32 gigs of RAM plus an I-9 CPU. This is $3000.00, so it’ll be kind of fun to see how these two compare. 

Perform next to each other considering double the price. And of course there’s always a dimensioning rate of return whenever you’re talking about any technology, and the more premium, more expensive they get, so hopefully you found this helpful. If you can find a predator Triton 300 for sale, you should grab it. I think this is a really nice laptop. I can’t speak to long term performance, of course or long term support by Acer. 

But it’s a company that’s been around for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t find that their customer service is solid, so looking forward to your thoughts and comments below. Thanks for watching. 


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