Acer’s Latest Tech – Report from [email protected] 2020 Conference

Jun 23, 2020

One thing jumped out at me during Acer’s press conference today: liquid metal thermal paste for their new Helios 700 gaming laptop. 

The performance of gaming laptops varies by manufacturer’s ability to engineer cooling solutions. No single method is best and there are several components to cooling; not just thermal paste. However, companies such as ASUS, Razer, MSI, and others have not previously offered liquid metal paste as a standard option. Gamers have relied on third parties or their own effort to replace the standard thermal paste with liquid metal.

Liquid metal is helpful for cooling as the liquid itself is better at filling the gaps between the processor and heatsink.

The other announcements included new high-durability laptops, gaming chairs, energy drinks (serious), and desktops PCs.

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