ACIL Earbuds Review

Apr 10, 2019


As a runner one of the most important things to take with me on my daily runs are my headphones. For the longest time, my faithful companion was the iPhone headphones and I never had an issue with them. A couple of years ago my now wife got me a pair of Sony Bluetooth headphones that changed my life. The sound fidelity, the crazy battery life and the noise canceling made them the almost perfect headphones, the only issue I had with them, they were huge. I love to run and carrying a big pair of headphones on my daily run is asinine. I recently had the chance to review ACIL Bluetooth Earbuds and though they haven’t replaced my Sony headphones the ACIL earbuds are an excellent back up to the point I don’t use my apple headphones anymore.
The first thing to notice with the ACIL earbuds is how easy it is to connect to your phone. With a press of a button and a blue sparkling light that keeps flashing you know that your device is searching for that Bluetooth connection. When I first got the earbuds I was in business within seconds and I really loved that. The ACIL earbuds come with only three buttons and let’s face it you don’t need more. The way these earbuds feel in your ears is comfortable to the point that you’ll forget they are even there. When I first set my eyes on these earbuds I was a bit concern since the plastic at the end of each earbud looks like it would make it difficult for them to stay on, but boy was I wrong. I tried these earbuds when I went running when I was just walking around my apartment, or when I was just trying to watch something on my phone while I laid next to my wife, and comfort was never an issue.

Now the sound quality, although not an issue, it won’t blow your mind. If I could compare these earbuds to another pair of headphones in a sense of quality I would have to say they remind me of your wired iPhone headphones. The sound quality is not mind-blowing, it is noise canceling, but it also won’t replace Bluetooth headphones with high quality. Full disclosure though, I completely stopped using my iPhone headphones to use the ACIL earbuds just because I like the ACIL feels and how easy it is to connect, plus the battery life is great on these. I used my headphones a full week straight at a couple of hours each day and I didn’t have to charge it once.

My biggest gripe with this pair of earbuds is how the earbuds seem to have a problem keeping a clear connection with videos or TV shows. Every time I would try to watch something on my phone and use these earbuds every couple of seconds the sound would go on and off making the experience not unbearable but annoying.

Here is my verdict on the ACIL earbuds, for $69.99 on Amazon, you get a pair of earbuds that will get the job done. If you want a running companion that won’t let you down and that is good enough ACIL earbuds is that companion. Though the sound is not mind blowing it is still good enough to keep you focused as you try to run that extra mile. Now if you want a pair of earbuds that are going to be able to play videos as well as music well you better look somewhere else.

If you guys are looking to purchase these earbuds go ahead and click the link below!

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