ADVENTURE TIME Movie On The Way From Warner Brothers; Could It Be A Musical?

Feb 28, 2015


After the massive success of The Lego Movie, Warner Bros. has been slowly making moves to capitalize on their new found success with animated features geared-towards a younger audience. This includes a Lego Movie sequel, The Lego Batman Movie, and Ninjago another Lego universe film in the works.

Well, Deadline reports they’re going all the way with a fully animated featured, partnering with Cartoon Network for an Adventure Time movie. Lego Movie producer and Lego Batman director Chris McKay will be behind the film’s production team along with Roy Lee.

The series created by Pendleton Ward focuses on human boy Finn in the magical kingdom of Ooo with his loyal shape-shifting dog/brother Jake. It’s fantastical and unique universe has captured a youth and adult (I wouldn’t say just hipsters) market that oddly isn’t the same when compared to it’s other animated peers. Mixing video game and fantasy elements, along with everything else considered nerdy.

Adventure Time follows the escapades of 12-year-old boy Finn and best friend dog Jake who fight fiercely in a quest to protect their beloved Land of Ooo, usually from the Ice King who is searching high and low for his Princess Bubblegum.

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There’s a huge potential for an Adventure Time film and could win-over even more audiences than The Lego Movie did. Considering musical focused films like Frozen have been making huge waves a musically inclined series like Adventure Time could benefit from tapping into it’s well established musical-side. They could make an entire film/album based on the tunes from Marceline The Vampire Queen alone.

Imagine an entire film littered with songs like Everything Is Awesome?

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There’s also a huge untapped aspect to the series which includes Ice King’s Fionna and Cake fan-fiction involving gender-swapping  everyone in the Land of Ooo. Allowing even more gender diversity in a huge sprawling animated world, including a non-gender specific robot named BMO. Powerful character dynamics and friendships abound in the series as well, which might be shocking for series mostly geared toward kids.

It’s likely they’ll keep the current cast in mind for voices, but I’m sure they’ll want guest appearances that they can use to market the film. The series usually hosts all sorts of comedic voice talent so it wouldn’t be shocking to see well known comedians end-up taking roles in the film. I also wouldn’t be shocked if they did go the musical route and hired some big names to help-out with the songs.

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What do you think about an Adventure Time movie?

Could it end-up a bigger deal than the Spongebob or Lego films?


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