Adventures of the Super Sons #1 Review

Jul 31, 2018


Adventures of the Super Sons #1
DC Comics

Written by: Peter J Tomasi
Art by: Carlo Barberi
Inks by: Thibert
Colors by: Protobunker

The Super Sons are back in this new 12 issue series and they haven’t lost a step story wise. Damian and Jon continue to fight together and their opposing personalities make for interesting character dynamics and fun banter between the two of them. The issue starts with the two of them taking on the Puppeteer as he controls a statue of Superman. After taking him out, the boys have something else to deal with; Summer vacation. It’s fun watching the contrast between Jon dealing with the fun aspects of summer and Damian not caring at all. It’s an example of how Tomasi has made this pairing work despite all evidence to why it shouldn’t.

As the pair deals with their base, their parents being away and a potential new threat in the city, they are unaware of a new group of villains that seem almost tailor-made to take on the two heroes and their knowledge of the Super Sons themselves make them even more dangerous.

Even in this limited capacity, it is good to have Tomasi back on this book with these characters. The dialogue is great and the characters continue to have a great contrasting friendship. You always get the sense that there is something that each is learning from the other, despite their desire to and that works for the characters. Tomasi has done a great job in establishing who they are together and that dynamic continues to impress me.

Barberi’s art is amazing. I love the anime style of it and there are so many great moments and panels that it’s hard to pick one or two to discuss. The way Barberi composes a panel is great and so many of them show great detail and action. It’s a shame this is a 12 issue series because this story could continue with this creative team behind it.

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