Agents of Shield 3.4: In-Mercy

Oct 24, 2015

images-1“No, he’s no angel, he’s just a guy trying to do the right thing.”-Dwight Frye

Lash strikes again this episode titled Devils You Know, triggering Coulson’s SHIELD and Price’s ACTU to reluctantly work together on the murder investigation of two Inhumans.   At the crimes scene Coulson’s team recovers a laptop with a peculiar email sent to the victims from an unknown sender. Daisy ends up tracing the email virus back to Dwight Frye (Chad Lindberg). “I didn’t want this and I know I’m not the only one,” cries Dwight as Mack and Daisy question him. Apparently, the Terrigen Mist caused Dwight to have severe migraines while in the presence of an Inhuman. Based on these interrogation scenes Dwight appears as Lash’s disciple, believing that these are acts of mercy. Daisy and Mack hesitantly tag along, as Price’s team transfers Dwight back to their headquarters. The Lash attacks their vehicle, spares both Daisy and Mack’s lives, then declares, “I’m not merciful, I’m necessary,” before killing Dwight. This is Daisy’s second encounter with Lash and she’s still alive…why? Especially in this episode Lash had the opportunity to kill both Daisy and Dwight, so why one but not the other? Is he a devil that we already know? This is a definite possibility after Daisy sees Lash transform into a human. Keep in mind that ACTU agent Banks (Andrew Howard) was with a different unit.images

“I don’t think Lash is some great big white shark…I think, I saw him change into a person.”-Daisy Johnson

After this episode you could classify Ward as “some great big white shark,” but at least he’s a well-known devil.  Throughout the previous three episodes we watched Hunter leave SHIELD to find Ward, then recruit May, and find a way to move up the HYDRA underground ranks. Simultaneously, Ward recruited Alexander (AKA Werner von Strucker), began to rebuild hydra, and strategically placed his new recruit within close proximity to Dr. Garner. Now in this episode the writers clearly reinforce Hunter’s desire for revenge and May’s complicated relationship with her ex-husband. These are pointedly drawn out emotional stakes that surround the tension found in the HYDRA warehouse during the final few scenes. “I want Ward as bad as you do, but I don’t think his life is worth yours, or Bobbis,” explains May, as Hunter heads off to meet the boss. Now if only Hunter gave the same consideration to May’s loved ones, then maybe things could have worked out differently in the end.  Cut to the warehouse, as Hunter and May have Ward pinned in a corner.  He begins to leverage Dr. Garner’s life for safe passage, but Hunter is too desperate for revenge and takes his shot. Cut to Dr. Garner bleeding out on a 140669_5259convenient store floor, a gasoline jug tipped over, and Alexander running from the crime scene that’s up in flames.

“I’m giving you my word, May.” –Grant Ward

Trust is an unknown quantity in this episode-all around. Episode three ends with Simmons admitting to Bobbi that she, “needs to go back.” Now Simmons continues working on plans to return to the foreign planet, all behind Fitz’s back. Poor Bobbi knows the truth, and she’s stuck in between her two friends. All she can do is encourage Simmons to talk to Fitz, and concurrently remind Fitz that he needs to be patient – rehabilitation is a long road.  Next episode, 4,277 Hours, we will finally learn about Simmons’ survival story, and why she needs to go back.  Hopefully this upcoming episode will be as well constructed as the Devils You Know.  The emotional stakes in episode four are anchored in the well-established relationship bonds between our central characters.  The overarching mysterious Inhuman plot-line continues to be teased, but viewers received a few payoffs this episode.  At this point I could watch an episode that features Coulson and Rosalind Price just locked in a room together, they have such great banter.  Agents of Shield took a step backwards with the third episode, but they’ve made up for it.

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