Airheart-Tales Of Broken Wings Review

Aug 22, 2018

AIRHEART – Tales of broken Wings
Developer: Blindflug Studios AG
Publisher: Blindflug Studios AG
Reviewed on the PS4

“Highway to the danger zone”. When I first saw Airheart Tales of Broken Wings I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I wanted to feel like Maverick from the movie, “Top gun”, I wanted to be able to take planes down and feel powerful doing it. Airheart Tales of Broken Wings is a rogue-like action game and is one that you should stay away from. 

The game starts with a quick tutorial, and get used to this tutorial because you are going to be seeing it every time you die, and yes you can skip the tutorial but it is annoying that in a game that you are going to be dying a lot you should see the tutorial over and over again. And trust me in this game you will die a lot. In true rogue-like fashion,, you will spend a lot of your time trying to escape death, but Airheart Tales of Broken Wings feels like it never really gives you a chance to succeed. The way air heart controls are clunky and it doesn’t give you an opportunity to either lower or increase your sensitivity. If your plane happens to go off the screen you have to find a way to bring it back without being able to see where your plane is. I wish the tutorial gave you a better explanation on how to control your plane and how to get out of difficult situations but it doesn’t and you have to learn all of this on the fly. I love challenging games but Airheart feels like its just being cruel for the sake of it and it made my time with the game a very forgettable and unpleasant. I cannot stress this enough but the way that Airheart controls is truly a nightmare, and it’s a shame because I do feel like this game had potential to be great but it crashed and burned. 

Not everything is terrible in Airheart. The game encourages you to go out there bring down enemies to take their scrapes in order for you to upgrade your planes or to unlock new ones. Unlocking new abilities and new planes definitely helped me play the game differently but it was not enough to keep me around. The art style of the game is beautiful and once again I wish I could have spent more time in it because it really is a pretty game, but unfortunately, the core controls are terrible making Airheart, at least for me, unplayable. 

For the price of $17.99 right now you can buy awesome games on the PSN store with the deals that they have going on. If you are in the mood for a rogue-like game, go buy dead cells, go buy enter the dungeon, especially now that developers just updated that game, hell go buy anything else but do yourselves a favor and don’t buy Airheart. If you must try this game wait for it to go on sale because, in my opinion, it is definitely not worth the $17.99 or worth your time with all the great games that are out right now or all the great games that are coming out in the next couple of weeks. 



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