Alienated # 6 (REVIEW)

Sep 29, 2020


Mad Cave Studios


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Alienated # 6 Cover

I don’t belong here. It’s hard to image another phrase so powerful and poignant. Teeming with both truth and tale. All strangers in a strange land we be. Yet all deserving of all there is to observe. Alienated # 6 from Boom Studios concludes the Sams fostering of Chip. Simon Spurrier seems to have concluded the story with a predictable tune. Although this chapters title hints that it ends on a quite surprising note.

Alienated # 6 (Chapter 6: And On Purpose Too)

Boom Studios

Written by: Simon Spurrier
Illustrated by: Chris Wildgoose
Colored by: Andre May
Lettered by: Jim Campbell

Chris Wildgoose and Andre May vibrantly bring Samuel’s rage to forefront this issue. All his pain has been unleashed, he has merged with Chip to create this comics makeshift villain. Donning a mask similar to Waxy, Samuel hopes to take his vlog and message to the world. The artist succeeds in wonderfully providing a look at the thoughts behind the actions. We still see some glimmers of Samuels real feelings…the pain, the regret he experiences. Samantha being the only Sam left to reason for Chip’s safety in all of this provides a chance for rationale. She attempts to reason with Samuel how everyone feels at times. We choose to be alone, by words and deeds.

Boom Studios has used the youthful inexperience of Samantha, Samir and Samuel to tell one portion of the human existence. Chip highlights yet another. The youths are our biologies, societies, histories. The stuff that makes us “feel” unique and as the title states Alienated. Chip comes in and takes and imprint. Chip with all the power to create, to make anything possible. To rise up…to the highest of heights, to reach the moon and stars.

Alienated # 6 concludes this series from Spurrier, Wildgoose, May and Campbell about not belonging. Just like the series our time here is indeed short. It’s important to remember as the title indicates there is a purpose for your presence. If for no other reason than to enjoy the “Aiis Cream”.

Score: 9.1