An Explosive Conclusion to “Tokyo Ghost” #5 (Review)

Jan 23, 2016


TokyoGhost_05-1Tokyo Ghost #5
Image Comics

Writer: Rick Remender
Artist: Sean Murphy
Colorist: Matt Hollingsworth
Letterer: Rus Wooton

This week readers have received an explosive conclusion to the first arc of Tokyo Ghost. Not only do we gain insight into the history of Japan but also the role that Kazumi played in it. Also, we find Teddy wreaking havoc in the village after the conflict with some ghosts from his past last issue. This issue truly shows Remender’s conflict between nature and technology through the rising tension between Teddy and Debbie. The audience receives an tokyoghost05_Preview_Page_04action packed finale as we see how far tech can push Teddy when someone like Davey is pulling his strings.

The creative team behind this series has produced a stunning first arc, for not only is it loaded with gritty Judge Dredd-esque violence but it also does a great job of showing very human emotions and relationships. We see the rekindling of Teddy and Debbie’s relationship and its eventual downfall. The art is superb and, at times, gruesome while the character designs remain very creative. While the artwork of Murphy and Hollingsworth is great it is amplified alongside Remender’s writing. Not only does he convey the tragedy between our two protagonists but internal struggles as well.

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However, they’ve left the audience with a number of cliffhangers to dwell on. We learn the fate of Teddy but what of Debbie and the hidden gift from Kazumi? There’s also Kazumi’s son, Takara, whose fate we have yet to learn. Finally, what plans does the Flak have in store for Japan? The village may have been able to delay Western intrusion in Japan but as we see they could never truly prevent it. These are all questions I am eager to know the answer to, but we’ll find ourselves biding time until April when the next issue will be released.

*Editors Note: Check out our recent interview with Tokyo Ghost writer Rick Remender on the GWW Capes Crew Podcast. 

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