Andy Serkis Briefly Comments On ‘Black Panther’ and Confirms Playing KLAW In ‘Age of Ultron’

Mar 30, 2015


Empire Magazine was able to speak to actor and now with Jungle Book director Andy Serkis at the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards. He confirmed that he was half-way through the production of Jungle Book and was having fun moving from second unit via The Hobbit to the main guy behind the camera.

They were also able to sneak in some questions about his role as villain Ulysses Klaw in Avengers Age of Ultron, which he finally confirmed is the role he’ll be playing in the sequel. Expanding slight by mentioning it’s a “tiny role”. ¬†They even asked him about returning for Black Panther which he said he “knows nothing about”.

Considering he’s one of T’Challa‘s (played by Chadwick Boseman) most notable villains it’s hard to imagine he won’t be apart of the solo film or maybe even Captain America: Civil War.

Wakanda is said to be getting a cameo of sorts in Age of Ultron which could explain Klaw’s presence, along with Black Panther being first seen in costume for Civil War.

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Panther isn’t even set to start production until 2017, so it’s very possible that Serkis really has no clue if he’ll be apart of it.

Check out the entire interview below.


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