Aquaman 2 is Casting 3 new Supporting Roles

Mar 19, 2021


Aquaman 2 is gearing up its production as GWW has learned of 3 new supporting roles the film is currently looking to cast via new documents.

The film is looking to add two female roles and one male role to the cast before production is set to begin. The documents decribe the roles as follows.

Maren - 30s-40s, Female, to play mixed race, intelligent & formidable with an American accent.

Based on Aquaman lore this could be a number of characters but judging by the intelligent/formidable description it sounds like this could be describing a villain. Possibilities include Black Jack, Siren, or Bres. Judging by the other characters below I think Black Jack is a good possibities but again these are just guesses.

Kore - 40s-50s, Male, open to any ethnicity, domineering & cunning. British Accent.

Kore could also be a number of people but my best guess would be someone like Fisher King, the leader of N.E.M.O and ally to Black Jack mentioned above, the domineering & cunning description would fit this character well, not to mention the group has worked with Black Manta before in the comics and we know he will likely be the main protagonist. It could also be someone like Triton if the film wants to dig more into the “old gods” mythos.

Rey - Mid-Late 20s, Female, mixed race, tough & authoritative.

While the other two descriptions sound like villains this last one sounds more like an ally. Tula comes immediately to mind and would add an interesting dynamic as another love interest to Arthur as him and Mera have certainly grown closer. It could also be someone like Erika Watson as this would add another “close to home” connection to Arthur as Watson was a former school mate and is now an officer in the Amnesty Bay Police Department.

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Check out the descriptions for yourself and let us know what you think.

Aquaman 2 will be helmed by James Wan, with Peter Safran, Rob Cowan, and Wan producing. It is currently slated for December 16th, 2022 release date with filming beginning this summer.


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