Are The Hand Vampires In ‘The Defenders’ and Will Blade Help Fight Them?

Jul 23, 2016


The Defenders teaser released yesterday seemingly confirms the return of The Hand along with Scott Glenn‘s Stick, giving us the impression that the Chaste-Hand War is coming in 2017.


We’ve been getting hints that the ancient Japanese ninja clan might actually be a type of vampire. They mostly come out at night, have no heartbeat, are using a blood farm to resurrect each other with supernatural powers and burrowing into the ground possibly for demonic reasons.

Nobu is more than likely returning as the series villain with actor Peter Shinkoda giving the impression with this tweet alluding to a return for Daredevil season three. However, we assume he’ll be returning for The Defenders first, since they didn’t finish that whole conflict setting-up the Chaste-War.



The light vs the dark conflict could reveal that The Hand’s undead army are indeed vampires, and might lead to them looking for outside help.

We left-off Frank Castle doing his own thing and leaving New York City for the events of his solo series, so it’s unlikely The Punisher will return to help the team with Defenders looking to pick-up directly after season two of Daredevil.

tumblr_nfkk3eDDsW1qbjxlxo1_1280However, there’s one person that operates in New York that tackles the undead and that’s Eric Brooks aka Blade The Vampire Hunter.

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Setting up Blade in a similar way to how they used Frank Castle isn’t hard to imagine, mainly because we’ve been hearing for a while now Marvel is considering a Netflix series for the next wave of shows. Having him appear in The Defenders isn’t nuts as he’s still a street-level hero and to setup his origin before his own solo series would be a great way give new audiences an introduction to the anti-hero.

I’ve suggested John Boyega and Nate Parker for the role, but if they’re aiming to include Blade in this series they might be a little too busy to get involved. I think Wesley Snipes is still an option, but since they’re rebooting all these characters they’re getting back I don’t entirely see his return a lock.

Some other names that might be a good fit could be Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jr., who recently made a huge splash playing O.J. Simpson in American Crime Story. If Blade is indeed taking a mentor role to his daughter Fallon Grey, I think Zoe Kravitz (X-Men: First Class, Dope, Mad Max: Fury Road) would make a great candidate with martial arts actor Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight, Spawn, Universal Soldiers: The Rebirth, Black Dynamite) as her father. If anyone deserves another shot a superhero role it’s White after Spawn almost killed his acting career, it also doesn’t hurt to hire someone like Snipes with a martial arts background.

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We’ll likely learn details about the show, roles and casting soon as it looks like it’ll be the next Marvel series to go into production with an release set for Fall 2017 via teaser.

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