Are We Then Yet? “Guardians 3000 #6” – REVIEW

Mar 25, 2015


30001 Guardians 3000 #6

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Nico Leon & Edgar Delgado
Cover by: Alex Ross

By the end of this issue I couldn’t help but think “I flarkin’ love this comic”! This is one of those somewhat standalone stories that you can go read to escape the big events and just have a fantastic time reading. I say somewhat standalone because this book does address the collapse of the Multiverse, but they have been doing it from 1000 years in the future (and from Earth-691). Well… they had been… until now!

30002This book starts off with probably one of the best face to giant face conversations there has ever been between Geena Drake and Galactus. Here is this normal human girl, who has some singular uniqueness within the Multiverse, floating in front of Galactus who is perplexed by her. He tells her, again a normal human for all we know, that there is something compelling enough about her that could make her worthy of being one of his heralds. I loved the maxiflark out of this scene! We’re swiftly pulled back to the present as the Guardians ship travels back in time to the year 2015 and crash lands in New York. Who do they run into almost immediately? Of course it’s the original Guardians of the Galaxy… or is it the “real’ Guardians? Or “new”? Or “All-new”? The present day Guardians and the future Guardians meet up and ironically avoid the trope where they all battle before talking, and thank glark they brought Rocket Raccoon with them because he was delivering some of the best lines in this book. This book pokes fun at comic book tropes and even pokes fun at Marvel themselves.

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30003Dan Abnett did an outstanding job writing this issue. He’s delivered not only one of my to-date favorite Galactus scenes, but my favorite Rocket Raccoon dialog all in one book! Not only that, he’s taken a brand new character in Geena Drake and made me love the hell out of her. This book was written to almost perfection (from my incredibly biased opinion) and I hate to see a book like this go under appreciated like it has been. We get this fascinating future Guardians team, the current Guardians team and a few extras like Agent Venom and Captain Marvel all appearing in one book. I am so jazzed after reading this book and I can’t wait to see where Dan Abnett brings it, and I’m wondering if he is going to pull this book in line with the rest of the Marvel Comic Universe (UPDATE: Looks like the Guardians 3000 will be in the upcoming Korvac Saga). The Art by Nico Leon and Edgar Delgado is truly top notch. I couldn’t ask for better looking pages. While Geena has been drawn a bit better before, the rest of the cast in this book were drawn in a detail that I love to see. The colors were vivid and beautiful and this truly was a feast for the eyes. I also have to mention how awesome the standard cover is. Alex Ross made the Guardians look so bad ass that I wouldn’t be surprised if Kevin Feige wasn’t calling James Gunn to request that these characters appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

My Dei! I am so in love with this book. If you have to pick only one book from Marvel to read this week, I would suggest this book instantly. It’s a quintessential example of why I love the cosmic side of Marvel Comics, and why the Guardians of the Galaxy, future and present, are the best team of heroes in the universe.

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