ART STUFF: Banksy Visits Gaza In Powerful Tourism Video

Feb 26, 2015


Banksy is known for his very political themed graffiti pieces mainly to get the populations and others to really think about the problems that should be concerning us.

While many of us are focusing on ISIS and the horrible terrorist acts around the world. There is something else happening in the Middle-East that we’re sort of ignoring.

The people of Gaza were brutalized by Israeli military bomb strikes with a massive campaign of urbanized bombings of buildings suspected to house or be used in attacks against Israel. These bombs were used in heavily populated areas something that has a lot of organizations including the United Nations investigating if this was indeed a war-crime.

In the end 18,000 homes were destroyed in the campaign with many children/civilians killed in the process, and Gaza is still unable to rebuild as Israel is blocking cement from being brought-in to rebuild, believing it would be used for to build more secret tunnels to launch more rocket attacks.

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Banksy of course is taking a satirical gab at the conflict and creating some powerful artwork in the process.

Whatever your position politically you can’t help imagine how this effects both sides spawning even more instilled hatred which is being taught/experienced by the next generation of Israelis and Palestinians.

I always believe the the saying “an eye or for an eye leaves the world blind.”

Make art not war.

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