Artwork We Hope Influences The Look of Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien 5’

Sep 13, 2016


Neill Blomkamp (District 9) started off his campaign to make a fifth Alien film by posting exciting concept art from artist Geoffroy Thoorens on his Instagram account. Fox would eventually have him sign-on to write and direct the film with Sigourney Weaver (also involved in it’s development) loosely attached to reprise the role of Ellen Ripley.

Later, it would be revealed their plan was to retcon the last two installments to allow the return of Aliens characters Newt and Hicks, who were killed-off in David Fincher’s Alien 3. There’s also been chatter that Newt could eventually take over the franchise from Ripley leading to more installments.

The film almost went into production last year, but Fox and producer Ridley Scott asked them to hold-off while they put Alien: Covenant in production instead. Allowing Scott to get his sequel to Prometheus out there first, as Weaver and Blomkamp would eventually focus on other projects that would further delay Alien 5.

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More recently, James Cameron praised Blomkamp’s script during the Aliens 30th Anniversary panel at San Diego Comic-Con over the summer.

We’re sure that Blomkamp will intrust the rest of the production art to Thoorens along with Elysium and Chappie artists Aaron Beck and Ben Mauro.

However, we have a collection of artwork from other artists we’d hope to see influence the updated look for Alien 5 including vehicles, environments, weapons, new xenomorphs (Project Chimera) and some brief character art.

Take a look below.


Natalie Dormer as Newt: Head by Nick Gaul and edit/manipulation by myself.

Drive layout

alien5_art_scott-robertson_apc_002 alien5_art_scott-robertson_apc_003 alien5_art_scott-robertson_apc_004

Artwork by Scott Robertson.

alien5_art_nathan-dearsley_dropship_001 alien5_art_nathan-dearsley_dropship_002 alien5_art_nathan-dearsley_dropship_003 alien5_art_nathan-dearsley_dropship_004


Artwork by Nathan Dearsley.

alien5_art_toph-gorham_001 alien5_art_toph-gorham_002 alien5_art_toph-gorham_dropship_001

Artwork by Toph Gorham.

alien5_art_fausto-de-martini_pulse-rifle_001 alien5_art_fausto-de-martini_pulse-rifle_002 alien5_art_fausto-de-martini_sentry_tank_001 alien5_art_fausto-de-martini_sentry_tank_002

Artwork by Fausto de Martini.

alien5_art_marek-okon_project-chimera_001 alien5_art_marek-okon_project-chimera_002 alien5_art_marek-okon_project-chimera_003

Artwork by Marek Okon.


alien5_art_benny-kusnoto_project-chimera_xenomorph_bat alien5_art_benny-kusnoto_project-chimera_xenomorph_gorilla alien5_art_benny-kusnoto_project-chimera_xenomorph_shark

Artwork by Benny Kusnoto.


alien5_art_brad-wright_001 alien5_art_brad-wright_002 alien5_art_brad-wright_003 alien5_art_brad-wright_004 alien5_art_brad-wright_005 alien5_art_brad-wright_006 alien5_art_brad-wright_007 alien5_art_brad-wright_008 alien5_art_brad-wright_009 alien5_art_brad-wright_010 alien5_art_brad-wright_011 alien5_art_brad-wright_012 alien5_art_brad-wright_013 alien5_art_brad-wright_014

Artwork by Brad Wright.

alien5_art_jeremy-chong_001 alien5_art_jeremy-chong_002

Artwork by Jeremy Chong.

What do you think of the existing concept artwork and our own suggestions?


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