Asa Butterfield Frontrunner for Marvel’s New ‘Spider-Man’ in ‘Civil War’

Apr 29, 2015


Well, it appears that we may have the finalist in the race to cast Peter Parker at Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures. A shortlist dropped last week, with many up and coming actors, but it appears that one name has been one that Marvel has been stuck on since the beginning: Asa Butterfield, who many will recognize from the 2013 film Ender’s Game, is now all but locked to put on the Spider-Man mask, according to the ever reliable Umberto Gonzalez, also known as Elmayimbe.

Originally, the frontrunner rumor came from Latino Review but El is supporting it.

Back in March on Reddit, Asa Butterfield revealed his desire for the role when asked about playing Spider-Man he responded “I’M SO DOWN!”.

Mayimbe dropped the scoop on his Instagram account:

Butterfield seems like the logical choice to pick up the mantle. As rumors suggest, this Spider-Man reboot will take the webhead back to high school. The idea is that the actor could play the role for many years, letting him grow in the role and becoming the face of the MCU going forward. Butterfield is the right age to play the young Peter Parker, sitting at 18 years old, and that can give him a long term commitment to the role that both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield couldn’t really give, since both were in their late twenties when they got the role.

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He’s also been an actor who has been on the rise the last few years, continually flirting with superstardom by starring in films such as Ender’s Game and Hugo. Butterfield has the range and the talents to really own the role of Spider-Man, and Marvel is in the habit of casting those who you may not suspect out the gate, but are perfect for the role. But this seems like a perfect storm for his casting, being the right age, the right build, and the right amount of star power that he’s recognizable, but he won’t overshadow the character.

It also doesn’t hurt that one of Asa’s first roles was in Joe Johnston‘s The Wolfman, which featured three Marvel alumni (Hugo Weaving, Anthony Hopkins, and Benicio Del Toro) and Johnston himself would direct Captain America: The First Avenger afterwards. Emily Blunt who starred in the film is a fan-favorite for the Carol Danvers role in Captain Marvel.

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This is a great casting decision, and I can only hope that Marvel makes this official soon. With Captain America: Civil War currently shooting, they’ll have to lockdown the contract soon so that the actor who gets the role can film his role, and make his introduction into the MCU.

Captain America: Civil War is set to open May 6, 2016, and the first solo Spider-Man film possibly titled The New Avenger is set to open July 28, 2017.



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