ASUS ROG Chakram – Not Worth it

Dec 5, 2020


Alright Friends This Is It. This is my full review of the Asus raw chakra to say $160 mouse. That’s a tall order. But it has some cool features. It’s rechargeable. It features USB C on the front and has a lot of lights. But it’s hallmark feature is the joystick so I’ll spend some time walking you through the mouse. 

What I like what I dislike and then it’s up to you to make a decision or not I can tell you that right now as a recording December 4th. It is on sale on Amazon for under. 

140 dollars so that helps kind of a little bit, but still, it’s an expensive mouse at a time when there’s not disposable income going around so here we go OK. 

So a quick tour of what you get in the box you get 2 different lighting plates. So this one has the Asus rog logo on it. The emblem and when you replace the take off the back plate. 

You just pop this out. This is a blank one, it’s also white. 

Put this one in. 

Come on baby you gotta line up perfectly which is really hard to do when you’re making a video. 

Pop back in. 

So this is magnetic on the top, but it clips in at the bottom so you gotta get the right angle and now you have your chakram logo right here. I don’t have chocolate broken leg or the wrong logo. I’m not sure. But you got a logo, which is pretty cool alright. Scroll wheel at the top. 

To get an idea of what it sounds like. 

See the lighting. 

This is the spectrum lining mode. You do have the option to customize. The lighting and you can also click the mouse in for an additional press. 

Other button activity. 

Primary keys and get a sense of the travel. 

And that’s all you get on the top now on the side. 

You have 2 additional buttons. 

There are more dull than the top ones you can tell from the sound listen closely. 

OK and then the hallmark feature is this joystick hallmark in my opinion, it’s. 

Different than other mice and I like it. It actually has a really cool function in Excel a commenter in YouTube actually pointed out to me that you can use this in Excel I test it out and certainly if you move in the Cardinal directions. Now this is Omni. Directional first of all but if you move it in the carnal directions, then it will actually move the. 

Selected cell up so or it’ll just move it right. You can go up or down left or right right. I don’t know why that was so hard for me to explain but it’s a very, very cool feature. I like that, and it is also replaceable inside the box. 

Another thing you get is this cool, Chakra more rock. I think it’s wrong. This go throughout the Rogge branded container inside of it has this nice sort of mesh feel and then there’s another joystick that you can replace it with if you want something that is, of a different size. You can get an idea of the size is here. 

Gosh, look really similar and then also you have you know different buttons to different clickers clickers? 


And then make it easy for you. 

Oh, gosh, they don’t make it easy for you to put all this stuff back, but they give you this include this here, so you can open up the back. 

Pull out the clickers there, you go. I don’t know why I’m saying clickers. This isn’t half Life OK. 

Also included in the box. 

USB transmitter. 

And in this one. 

You’ll notice is USB. 

C just like the front of the house. 

USB CI mean that is awesome, most mice don’t do this. In fact, I can’t think of one that does. 

Pretty much every rechargeable mouse right now is still on micro USB. 

OK so yeah, USB C. The purpose of this is that if you want to bring the the. 

Transmitter closer to your desk closer to your mouse. You can do it here. Oh, this is the wrong one sorry this is for razor. 

Alright well, I don’t have it in front of me. I’ll bring it up and I’ll bring it up later make sure I find it before I send this thing back, but anyway, well. Hey cats out the bag. I’m sending it back OK now. The reason I’m sending it back, I guess I’ll just jump into it. Since I made the mistake of rib, saying the reason I’m returning it is that I have repaired to stress. 

Challenges in my. 

Risk so for me an ergonomic mouse is better for day to day tasks and something that I talked about in another video is that? 

I think this razor Pro Click Mouse, which is an ergonomic mouse. It was made by both razor and a company called human scale. 

Even though it’s geared towards Desktop Desktop uses for work. It’s just for being on your computers. Now, for gaming. It’s totally fine for gaming if you’re not a competitive gamer and I say that only because I’m not a competitive gamer, so I don’t know what it’s like to be a competitive gamer. 

But for someone who just plays games casually this is an awesome all around mouse and $99 and I bought this mouse with my own money. I’m keeping it and because of my wrist issues and the fact that it works. Just fine for me. When I play PC games. I see no reason to switch to this $160 mouse. 

Even though this is a cool mouse, so let me give you a few more specs and if the hopefully these specs are relatable to you and if they’re not then you’re like me, you have to do some research to understand what it all means, so this mouse is 1.9. By 5.2 by 3 inches. Generally speaking, foreign meaning it depends sort of on your scale. 

But for the most part if you eyeball, it, you’re going to be somewhere around there, so let’s say 2 by 5 by 3, so 4 and a half ounces and. 

It’s considered gamer great, so use something called a pix art 3335 sensor with 16,000 DPI. 

An accurate to 400 inches per second. 

Now, what I said earlier about does this stuff matter to you, you know you recognize these specs for me. 

They’re doing a review of a mouse is almost like doing a review of a monitor. 

You know, I don’t really. 

There’s so much going on and some of this good part of it is subjective as well. It’s not like a laptop. The laptop you can plug it in you? Can fire up Witcher 3 and then you can be like, Alright well. This laptop versus that laptop. Here’s how they performed but with my San monitors speakers even to a degree for me. 

Knowing the difference is is very subjective, so let’s talk that use case one more time. 

I spend 8 hours a day working an maybe 30 minutes, a day. Playing video games it. It changes some days, I might get a full hour. Maybe it’s the weekend or something I’ll play more. 

As a consequence, $160 on a mouse is really unfeasible to me, it doesn’t make a lot of sense specially if that mouse is not comfortable for work. 

This does have that joystick so I’ll give them that there is a slight use case there, but you’re going to find it a little bit annoying. I’ll give you an example, so if you want to use this mouse for work. 

And you can get over the angle put it again next to this mouse. If you can get over that angle for your wrists not bothering you and you start doing your work blah blah blah off you go. You come up against a couple of challenges. One is the battery life. The battery life on this mouse. It’s about 2 to 3 days, which is not horrible, honestly and with USB C. It does charge very quickly. It also supports Qi wireless charging. 

So it’s not the worst thing in the world, you just plug it in and charge it overnight. 

But it doesn’t come with a wireless charger the competing Razer Mouse, the basilisk pro or no sorry the basilisk ultimate or even the Viper. Ultimate both come with docs so you just rest them on the dock and then they charge so it’s very it makes sense and then the battery life on those is even worse than this. But I’ll tell you, you can do your. 

Daily session and then put it on the mountain charge it. 

And that’s not a horrible way to go and you could pair something like that with a work mouse. If you want to spend the extra money. This is your work mouse and then when you’re ready you grab your razor docked mouse off it’s Doc and you start playing. 

It’s not a horrible use case, but one of the challenges of the battery life. The other one is this nub so while the nub can be justifiable for business use or for office use because of the Excel application. This is not. 

It’s not a great way to go for long term use and I suppose it could vary based on the type of Excel use that you do, but 

It’s not to me is like just move over and click. You know what I mean, like it’s great that you have this option, but it doesn’t. It’s not like it’s not a game changer. This is not like the greatest new feature for office use OK. I hope I didn’t make that up, too much. That was in my intent. There’s no script here, so I’m just kind of telling you what I think the other thing that I thought was interesting is and this is going to be completely subjective. 

When I put my hand on this mouse and I’m not thinking about it. 

Look at my position. 

Hopefully this comes through try get some more light in here. 

There we go. 

So if you see where my thumb is relative to the 2 side buttons. 

If I want to do forward or back, I can. It’s right there. But if I want to go forward and grab that joystick and then use it. I’m now stretching my hand that the ligaments in my thumb had to had to be stretched and we’re going to grab this and then start to use it. 

I hope that translated well it’s kind of hard to explain but as a result, I felt that long term use of the nub didn’t really make sense. 

OK, but for gaming the precision you can get from this. I’m sure is awesome. I am not a competitive gamer. I found no application for it in the games that I play. I mostly play first person shooters. Noncompetitively so think doom and I play RPG’s, which are which is for me better with the controller. 

And then I’m now playing Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to me better with the controller. So yeah, hopefully you can find someone else is review that put more time into the gaming section of this. 

But since most of my time is spent doing work. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time trying to find an application that could take advantage of this nub a gaming application that is OK, so having said all of that. 

It’s not a mouse I can recommend for $160. It’s a lot of money at 130, 4140 bucks or so on Amazon today still a lot of money. I would actually recommend that you run out and get a Razer Mouse at $100 or less. I’m sure there’s other brands that are good too. I haven’t tested. 

You know, thinking of Corsair for example, so yeah, I’ll be returning. This mouse and hopefully you found this helpful. If you have specific questions. Let me know like I said, I’m returning it. So I won’t be able to do. Another review for you, but you know, I can at least tell you what I think so. That’s the Asus rog chakram gaming mouse. 

Yeah, hope this helps thanks a lot for watching and catch on the next one by. 


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