Avengers Likely To Crossover In Marvel’s ‘Spider-Man’ Movies

Feb 10, 2015


It was recently announced that Marvel Studios will be partnering with Sony to make new Spider-Man films and having him crossover in Marvel films.

It’s expected that Spider-Man will be showing up in films like Captain America: Civil War and taking a bigger role in Avengers: Infinity War but we’ll also be seeing Marvel Studios’ characters crossing-over in the new Spider-Man films as well.

Mind-blowing that Spidey could be getting seriously badass Marvel heroes as his supporting cast.


Spider-Man might have one the better rogues gallery but when it comes to supporting characters they’re basically carbon copies (Venom, Spider-Girl, Scarlet-Spider, Spider-Woman, Silk, Miles Morales) unless we’re talking about burglar Black Cat and mercenary Silver Sable who I wouldn’t exactly call heroes. One of the biggest stumbling blocks Sony had without the help of Marvel is trying to build this cinematic universe with mostly villains.

I’ll hold out hope that Marvel will want to end-up using Felicia Hardy and Sable since there’s such a small amount of female characters at both Marvel and Sony’s disposal.


They really need to consider including them along with Jessica Drew aka Spider-Woman. A character that could have direct ties to Hydra/S.H.I.E.L.D. and won’t be stuck in some rights limbo because of the new partnership.

In the comics, some of the best aspects of Spider-Man specifically are his many team-up titles parring him up with a varied lineup of fellow Marvel heroes. Peter Parker has pretty much teamed-up with all of the Avengers which could allow any of them to appear in this new solo film.

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Here are the strongest candidates that could be apart of that 2017 film or the future sequels, and we’re going to skip-over the no-brainers like Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

Although, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans might be the hardest actors to land for crossovers considering how high in-demand they are now and how many Marvel projects they’re already attached to. I doubt Sony or Marvel would be dying to spend $50M on Robert’s salary for a supporting role.


The two characters that make the most sense are Daredevil and Black Widow who had many run-ins with Spidey, and since Daredevil is located in New York bumping into Spider-Man while crime fighting could be a common occurrence.

They also share a villain with the New York crime lord Kingpin and I’m dying to finally see Spidey go-up against mobster villains such as Fisk, Tombstone and Hammerhead.

We know that Marvel sees Natasha as a huge supporting player and might be our best chance to see a main Avenger member to be apart of the Spidey films. Scarlett Johansson will likely be an expensive addition since her contract would likely need to be re-negotiated for this project since Sony is going to be involved.


Other New York superheroes like Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage could also have crossover potential. Defenders is the last series to be filmed and might allow Spidey to make an appearance in an episode or two. The latter two are supporting characters in Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and could have some influence on Marvel’s take on the character. His strong links to Daredevil don’t hurt either, the greatest thing all these roles will be cast before the script will be locked-in.

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Punisher is another New York based Marvel character that has ties to Spider-Man and could easily cross paths with the web-head while brutally taking-out mobsters and murders in the city. Marvel hasn’t really figured-out how to use or reboot the vigilante, even though there’s been a huge demand to see them develop a super-violent cable series.


Doctor Strange is located in the Village and is another New York character connected to Spider-Man. Steve Ditko and Stan Lee co-created the two characters together having them parred-up would be a fan’s dream-come-true. Allowing extremely weird scenes we’ve previously never imagine could be seen in the Spider-Man films and would help bridge Parker’s involvement with Infinity War.


There have been a few occasions that Spider-Man has worked alongside Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. mainly due to the villain Chameleon who just happens to be a Russian spy. Fury would eventually become a mentor of sorts for Parker in Ultimate Spider-Man when he recruits him into a S.H.I.E.L.D. sanctioned unit of teenaged superheroes alongside Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

Fury could also help tie-in characters like Black Widow, Frank Castle and Jessica Drew.

Let’s not forget that Peter’s parents were once S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents.


There’s of course an endless supply of Marvel characters with links to Spider-man that could be given supporting roles in the new solo films. These just happen to be the ones that currently make the most sense.

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