BANE CONQUEST #7 Exclusive Preview

Oct 27, 2017

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For better or worse, comic books have certainly changed quite a bit. From the stories, dialogue, and the artwork, everything has evolved over the years. Which makes the nostalgia-rich Bane: Conquest, such a blast from the past. The mini-series sees the original creators of the Batman rogue, Chuck Dixon, and Graham Nolan, return to the character. This series has accomplished its goal of giving us a new adventure with a classic Batman feel that many have been asking for.

Bane has always had some semblance of honor, which makes him a perfect candidate to lead a book. Though he’s still too dark to be considered an anti-hero, he shares a lot of the same qualities as Deathstroke; Another villain who has flourished since the Rebirth relaunch. Bane has the intelligence and brute strength to go toe to toe with anyone, be it Batman or a world dominating criminal organizations. Conquest showcases every strength the character has while putting him through a gauntlet of obstacles. One issue even saw him forced to team up with his old foe, Batman.

In the upcoming issue, Bane will anger the organization Kobra and its army of zealots, when he and his team go baby hunting! An act that is more difficult and less monstrous than it sounds.

Bane and his crew set out on a global hunt for a newborn baby. The happy event is the birth of the new spiritual leader of Kobra—and whoever gets to the baby first holds the power of the world’s largest criminal empire. The man who broke the Bat turns surrogate daddy to the world’s most wanted infant! The mayhem continues as this gangster epic explodes in Blüdhaven!

Bane Conquest #7
DC Comics
Written by: Chuck Dixon
Art by: Graham Nolan
Colors by: Gregory Wright
Letters by: Carols M. Mangual
Cover by: Graham Nolan & Gregory Wright
Release Date: 11/1/17