Bates Motel – Episode 4: Unbreak-Able REVIEW (SPOILERS)

Mar 31, 2015


Bates Motel
A & E Channel

Season 3 Episode 4 - Unbreak-Able

The prequel TV series to one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most famous movie “Psycho”, where we meet a young Norman Bates played creepy enough by Freddie Highmore. He is a dead ringer for a young Anthony Perkins. Plus don’t forget his mother Norma Bates who would not even hurt a fly played by Vera Farmiga.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

This week’s episode starts off exactly where last week’s ends. With Annika pulling into the Bates Motel and falling down. As Norma rushes to her aide she sees that she is bleeding profusely. Her last words are “use this” for her and her son. Right before she dies she hands Norma a flash drive. Norma heads into the motel to give Sheriff Romero a call, but she hides the flash drive before he arrives. What is on this mysterious flash drive? Well that is what the majority of the episode is about. We get to see Norman go off the deep end a little bit when he sees the dead body of Annika. He thinks he passed out once again and committed another deadly sin. It is very disturbing to see him rocking back and forth saying did I do it. Getting louder and louder with each repetitive saying. Later on that night in the secrecy of Norma’s bedroom we find her trying to crack the password protected flash drive.

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Skip ahead a day and we see Norman studying with Emma. Their new relationship seems to really be bothering Norma. Almost to the point of jealousy. This scene gave me the chills. Watching Norman make out with Emma all the while he is staring at his deranged Mother. He gets more intense with Emma the closer she got. Goosebumps right? Ugh. Makes you feel very uncomfortable, but then again that is their relationship. Weird and disgusting almost.

Speaking of weird and disgusting… Caleb (Norma’s brother) is helping Norman’s brother Dylan at the pot farm, where he opens up about the love affair Caleb had with Norma. Can you say incest? He really wants to say sorry, but he knows he will not be forgiven but he needs to get it off his chest.


As Dylan heads back to the Motel he finds the door open and a pair of shady characters looking for the flash drive. He tells them to leave at gunpoint and tells them not to return. After they leave he gets the flash drive and heads to the pot farm where he hides it in a timer. What he doesn’t know is that Norman followed him up there and now knows that Dylan is hiding Caleb at the farm. As the episode ends we see Norman flip out again and says you have betrayed Mother and she needs to know.

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Overall this is an enjoyable episode. We get some more storylines and dive deeper into Norman’s craziness. I really enjoy this show. I know everyone knows how it ends up, but getting there is the fun part.

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