batgirl gets the boot! warner-discovery Cleaning house at DC

Aug 3, 2022

The Batgirl film, which was in production at Warner Brothers for the streaming service HBOMax, has now been tossed out and scrapped entirely. Confirmed By Variety earlier today and reported on by other major trades shortly after. Where is the DC brand heading?

Batgirl In The DC Extended Universe, Did it ever make sense?

Leslie Grace was set to star as the titular Batgirl. The DC Extended Universe’s Jim Gordon(Batgirl’s Father) J.K Simmons, as well as bringing Michael Keaton as the Batman of this film. Surprising and confusing DC fans everywhere, assumingly having had events changed in the [DCEU] after The Flash Film. This can no longer be the case.

Leslie Grace In Costume As Batgirl- HBOMAX Film

Ezra Miller has been the target of many abuse and misconduct allegations. Their future as Barry Allen in the DC live-action universe appears to be over. Now, with The Flash Seemingly put back on the rack, this means scenes previously shot, had to be re-shot. Moving with the direction the film was bringing the DCEU or audiences wouldn’t know how these characters got here.

‘BATGIRL’ CANCELED? where Does ‘Blue beetle’ Stand?

The recent surprise of Ben Affleck On the WB lot. Shooting Scenes As Bruce Wayne for Aquaman 2 confirms this to be the case. Continuity is a huge factor in multiverses. One mistake can easily stir the whole fanbase up, with an already confusing story arc.

Aquaman Film- Warner Brothers Pictures- Jason Mamoa and Patrick Wilson In The Final Scenes

Just yesterday the annoucment that The Flash series on The CW Network would be ending after its 9th season. Could David Zaslav Be wiping the slate clean In order to execute his vision? This would logically make sense. Sometimes you must tear down what was in order to build. This Thursday we will find out more about why this happened and where the future may lay in the DC brand.

warner discovery’s first official investor call Thursday.

The investor call will have many eyes and ears listening. Fans and Stockholders eagerly anticipate where their favorite characters or investments are heading. What are the studio executives saying about decisions made over the past few months? Since acquiring the studio and its assets, more projects have been scrapped or tossed out of the conversation.

David Zaslav has very particular requirements and budgets for HBOmax shows, or straight-to-streaming films. Theatrical releases are the major point of focus. DC the brand is undergoing a remodel, and we will have to wait and see where it takes us. One thing is clear, David Zaslav is attempting to clean up the loose ends left by the prior leadership.


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