Batgirls #1 (REVIEW)

Dec 14, 2021

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Batgirls #1 (REVIEW)

Following the events of Future State, Barbara Gordon, Stephanie Brown, and Cassandra Cain are on the run and laying low. With Brown and Cain being framed for the Clock Tower destruction, they need to work together to clear their names and recover Oracle from Seer.

DC Comics
Words by Becky Cloonan & Michael W. Conrad
Art by Jorge Corona
Colors by Sarah Stern
Letters by Becca Carey

The issue picks up where the three-part backup miniseries that started in Batman #115-117. It follows them after the Oracle system was compromised, which destroyed the Clock Tower. Moving into a new area, the Batgirls need to work together to clear their names and find out who Seer is. 

The issue has a very vibrant and colorful story. By establishing Barbara as the matriarch figure of the trio, we see a cleaver and unique dynamics that bring out their personalities. Blending them allows Cloonan and Conrad to take the story naturally. The jokes land perfectly with the visuals, and their partnership with Corona shows through. 

With the vibrant story, the art also keeps up. Some of the panels are well constructed and help put the need emphasis. The balance between the backgrounds and characters is done perfectly. We can see where the action is taking place and follow along without dialog. The visual gags complement and work in tandem with the story. 

Final Thoughts on Batgirls

Overall the issue is a fun, wild trip. The humor and action are well balanced with both the story and art. The visual gags are balanced and well placed throughout the issue. The best example is when Barbra reveals their new Bat vehicle to get around town. Some minor blemishes can be attributed to moving from a miniseries to a full-fledged six parter. The obvious one is the pacing and the number of gang members that have been rendered unconscious.

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