Batman Annual #2 Review

Nov 29, 2017


Batman Annual #2
DC Comics

Written by: Tom King
Art by: Lee Weeks(pgs 1-30), Michael Lark(pgs 31-38)
Colors by: Elizabeth Breitweiser(pgs 1-30), June Chung(pgs 31-38)
Letters by: Deron Bennett

Batman Annual #2 is a Bat and Cat elseworld love story that compliments the current storyline going on in the main series.

Writer Tom King really likes the Batman and Catwoman pairing almost to a fault, but I’ll get to that. Every issue with Bruce and Selina is so beautifully written and feels personal. For fans of the relationship, this issue is an instant classic. I was surprised to get such a complete story in this annual, it was refreshing. This story deep dives into the pain and love they both share with each other.The ending was heartbreaking because they’re so perfect for each other.

Almost too perfect.

I’m a fan of Selina Kyle and I do feel she is the best fit for Bruce, but most of her faults have disappeared. Catwoman had her own personal problems, a moral grayness that left you wondering if she could possibly betray the Dark Knight if given the opportunity. But all that seems to have been whitewashed away. She’s just perfect now, with no self-interest, and is just the perfect wife for Batman. She can defeat Talia al Ghul in a sword dual without any training, and in this annual, she stole things simply to make Bruce better/stronger, and to get closer to him. Maybe, Tom King, has us viewing her through the eyes of the main character, before having us crash back to reality. This love story seems too good to be true, especially given how gloomy this current run has been.

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The artwork went with a retro style that fits the story perfectly. Batman and Catwoman’s old costumes make an appearance and they have never looked better. Lee Weeks does such an amazing job, his backgrounds are just as lovely as his character designs. With colorist Elizabeth Breitweiser, we are given a comic book that is a hybrid of classic and new. Michael Lark stepped in for a very emotional final eight pages.

This is one of the best annuals I’ve ever read. It was well written and looked amazing. The Catwoman conundrum is less a criticism and more of an observation. I’m noticing a trend in the way King writes her, but it certainly doesn’t ruin the experience. I am hoping this is for the long haul and not something that will be tossed aside once a new creative team shows up. No matter how Bat and Cat’s marriage shakes out, we will always have this annual to swoon over.

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