Batman Giant #4 (Review)

May 19, 2020


Batman Giant #4
DC Comics

Written by Mark Russell, Steve Orlando, Scott Snyder, Greg Rucka and Tim Seeley
Art by Ryan Benjamin, Tom Lyle, Greg Capullo, JH Williams III and Javier Fernandez
Inks by Richard Friend, Jonathan Glapion
Colors by Alex Sinclair, Jeromy Cox, FCO, Dave Stewart and Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Troy Peteri, Jimmy Betancourt, Todd Klein and Carlos M Mangual
A series of shorts showcases the Dark Knight and his allies in their ongoing war against crime.

Concrete Jungle

A mob lawyer with secrets worth killing for needs protection from Batman when they send an army to silence him. Batman puts a plan in place to transport the lawyer to the Precinct and will need to bring in some help when the mob brings in mercenaries and a relentless Harley Quinn to stop the lawyer from testifying.

A solid story filled with action and adventure. The plot moves brilliantly and the dialogue is great. Batman’s skills are well utilized and it ends with an awesome twist.

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The son of Tony Zucco has been kidnapped by Scarface and his gang. Nightwing is the only one that can stop them as the train they’re on heads to Bludhaven station, but the former Boy Wonder has to navigate his feelings for the man who killed his parents while trying to decide if the sins of the father should be visited on the son.

A good story from Orlando. The puppet themes worked both for the legacies Brian and Dick both live with and the dialogue does a great job of pulling Nightwing out of the shadow of Batman.

Face the Court

An excerpt from the Court of Owls storyline finds Batman investigating the past and finding dark secrets in the history of Gotham City. As Dick confronts his mentor about the Court, Bruce tells him of his first investigation after the death of his parents and how it connected to the legend of the Court of Owls.

Snyder and Capullo created a beautiful, gripping tale for the Dark Knight and this excerpt captures the tension and drama of the bigger story.

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Batwoman goes up against the High Madame and needs some unusual and unexpected help in order to survive the encounter. In the aftermath, Kate finds new allies in her fight against the Religion of Crime, but it might be too late to save someone close to her.

A well done, well-paced excerpt that showcases Kate’s indomitable spirit as well as her resolve.

Better than Batman

Nightwing teams up with the mysterious Raptor infiltrate the Parlaiment of Owls and free the hostages they plan to use for their Talon experiments. Dick and Raptor will face a deadly foe as secrets from Dick’s past are revealed and Nightwing puts his faith in someone he doesn’t know whether to trust.

The mystery of the Court of Owls continues to be interesting and Tim Seeley does a great job of expanding that world and utilizing Nightwing effectively within it.

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