Batman Secret Files: Miracle Molly #1 (Review)

Sep 22, 2021


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Mary Kowalski was just your average robotics expert who finally decided to break out of the mental prison to become the person they always wanted to be. We learn how Miracle Molly, leader and main inventor for the Unsanity, came to be in this issue.

By: DC Comics
Words by James Tynion IV
Art by Dani
Letters by Lee Loughridge
Color by Tom Napolitano

Looking at the life Mary left behind, we see glimpses that many can relate to. We see the struggle Mary is going through, picking the safe, easy life or the life of freedom and uncertainty. With so much conflict in her mind, we see how society can be viewed as its own prison. The view that the mundane and repetitive could be viewed as a prison depending on the perspective. 

Tynion took an origin story and made it relatable to a lot of readers. He creates a world that uses repetition to break Mary down and turn her into Miracle Molly. The story crafted isn’t preachy or accusatory towards anything but shows that each coin has two sides. The topics touched upon in this issue are relatable to many, establishing a personal connection to the reader. 

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The art is a perfect complement to the story. Dani’s focus on Mary’s face helps show the growing frustration as things keep holding her back. The shift in panels almost creates a downward spiral, which is a unique perspective. Dani nails the art and compliments the theme with Tynion. 

Overall, the issue nails the theme that someone else’s dream isn’t always your dream. Using Mary to transform into Miracle Molly is relatable to many as many people want to quit their jobs and follow their passions but are too afraid to try. Tynion and Dani’s story takes the idea of dreams and forces the reader to decide if it was theirs to even begin with.

Score 8.5


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