BATMAN Upperbody Workout with Princess Natkins and Her Universe

BATMAN Upperbody Workout with Princess Natkins and Her Universe

Geekout Your Workout’s
Batman Upper Body workout with DC Comics Her Universe workout clothes.


Your Work:
10 exercises.
45 seconds of work
15 seconds of rest

What do I need?
Yourself, a mat, weights, this video, and water. .

Workout like your favorite superhero, Bruce Wayne, to get into Batman superhero shape! I am wearing my Batman Her Universe Workout outfit sold exclusively at Kohls It’s time to geekout your workout!

Nike +: Natalie Atkins
Workout Blog:

♡Where can you get what am I wearing?♡
Ironman workout wear by Marvel Comics and Her Universe sold at Khol’s:…

For great results mix this with a healthy diet and regular exercise!
For the protein and supplements, I use:
Let me know if you have any questions about these supplements or the products I use and love…


Consult your doctor before starting an exercise program. Stop if you feel pain or dizziness.

Natalie OUT!

Natalie Atkins

I am originally from Chicago (GO CUBS!) but was raised in sunny California. I am your green-eyed Girl-Next-Door! I love so many different things, I find it hard to fit everything into my schedule. I love creating costumes, wearing costumes, being a mermaid, reading comics, playing video games, posting on social media and all around silliness! I am all about health and fitness and try to help others maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. You can find me at several different conventions hanging out at a booth as a spokesmodel or posing on the floor in one of my costumes. I am totally a Marvel girl! Loving Ironman, Pepper Potts and Carol Danvers. This geek-girl will not choose between Star Trek or Star Wars! I <3 them both! Fable II on XBOX is the video game that really got me into playing RPG’s. But my specialty is making and wearing costumes. I am often asked what my favorite costume is that I have made. Its too hard to choose. I am proud of my different costumes for different reasons, especially because they all have a little of me in them. A costume I cant wait to make is Carol Danvers as Ms. Marvel. Have a question for me, just ask!

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