Batman: Urban Legends #3

May 10, 2021

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Batman: Urban Legends #3
DC Comics

Written by: Chip Zdarsky; Che Grayson; Brandon Thomas; Matthew Rosenberg
Art by: Eddy Barrows & Eber Ferreira with Jesus Merino; Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque; Max Dunbar; Ryan Benjamin
Colors by: Adriano Lucas; David Baron; Luis Guerrero; Antonio Fabela
Letters by: Becca Carey; Aditya Bidikar; Steve Wands; Saida Temofonte

Chip Zdarsky needs to be in charge of Red Hood’s main line after Batman: Urban Legends. Now, Joshua Williamson showed potential in limited chances throughout DC Future State and is off to a good start with Future State: Gotham. Even though he’s handling Jason Todd at a different period in time, Williamson has done well with the character.

But, readers have already seen Red Hood go too far under Zdarsky. Combine that with the depth Jason Todd has shown throughout Batman: Urban Legends, and readers finally have the rebellious member of the Bat Family back.

Though, there is another writer who might be able to handle Red Hood that’s involved in this series: Matthew Rosenberg. But, it doesn’t appear Jason Todd will cross paths with Cole Cash in Rosenberg’s Grifter story again. At least, we didn’t see Todd again in Batman: Urban Legends #3 after his guest appearance in Batman: Urban Legends 2.

Still, the Red Hood and Grifter stories remain the best from Batman: Urban Legends.

That said, Che Grayson’s Lady Shiva story was a great addition. Unexpectedly heavy, and certainly a change of pace for a character who’s simply seen as a badass at all times.

Batman: Urban Legends #3 is also host to the final chapter in Brandon Thomas’ three-part The Outsiders story. But it appears Black Lightning, Katana, Duke Thomas and a few others will stick together come the fall. Thomas teased another addition to The Outsiders, so I may give that a shot to see who’s joining the group. Thomas did a good job with this, and Luis Guerrero’s art is great. Not something I would’ve read if it wasn’t grouped together with the Red Hood and Grifter stories – smart move by DC.

Score: 9

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