Batman vs. Robin #1: DC Comics Review

Sep 13, 2022

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vs, Damian

With many twists and turns in Batman vs. Robin, both can still be shocked and surprised by sudden appearances. As things are building up, can Bruce and Damian work through their issues and reunite again, or is it too far gone?

DC Comics 
Words by Mark Waid
Art by Mahmud Asrar
Letter by Steve Wands
Colors by Jodie Bellaire

To this point, Bruce and Damian had multiple run-ins, with things being primarily civil. After careful planning and maneuvering, Damian plans an attack for it, only to be spoiled by a sudden reappearance of a lost friend. Not having factored in the mysterious person’s appearance, Bruce can escape and learns that his son is falling down the path of becoming Talia and Ra’s al Ghul heir. 

Writer Mark Waid brings his extensive knowledge of DC comics into this issue in many clever ways. With the story leaning more into the magical and macabre side, he can mix those elements perfectly into the story. With the few surprises throughout the issue, the issue establishes the central conflict and who might be behind it. 

The art in the issue complements the story well. Asrar knocks it out of the park with the action sequences, especially with animating the T-Rex and the suits on display. His backgrounds are balanced well with the character profiles, allowing each to help with the story’s flow. Having such a vast landscape to work with, Asrars only blemish is his character’s expression and their lack of it. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Batman vs Robin is a fun read and sets the foundation for the series. If not for the few surprises, the story is pedestrian and almost a paint-by-number Batman event. We have the betrayal from someone he trusts, the people that could quickly fix it are incapacitated, and the main orchestrator is a potential reveal. The story is still a fun read but has the potential to be better, especially with Waid working with characters directly from the archive. 

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